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Enjoy the Eastern Travel Circuit on Uganda Safari

Would you like to appreciate an excursion? If you’re animal and wildlife lover, visit Uganda. This is an incredible landlocked country situated in East Africa bordering Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and South Sudan. When your travel to the south eastern part of the country, you will find the biggest park of

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Fisherman rescues a baby Elephant

The one week-old elephant – Twiki was rescued by a fisherman, he found it when it’s abandoned by his herd at the shores of Hamukungu Island on Lake George in Queen Elizabeth National Park in the south western part of Uganda. The dehydrated and tired baby elephant had gotten stuck in the mud on December

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African Jungle Adventure Ltd offering special Bwindi Gorilla Safari in this December

Adventures, particularly the lovers of wildlife, put much emphasis and passion into their trips that each of those tours turns into an amazing experience for them. Promising to take their nostalgic experience to its next, higher lever, African Jungle Adventures Ltd is currently offering a made-to-measure gorilla trekking safaris to such wildlife lovers. Named Bwindi

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