Discover Amazing Wildlife and Nature on a Uganda safari

When someone mentions Uganda safari, most people might be imagining themselves walking in the thick jungle of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest tracking for mountain gorillas. This amazing Gorilla destination is located west of Kampala the capital of Uganda also in this thick forest you will get an opportunity to enjoy more interesting tourist activities where you can experience the uniqueness of this country. As though that isn’t enough for a superb beach getaway, Uganda is rich in wildlife and nature with over 10 wildlife national parks and over 1000 species of birds this makes Uganda a bird lover’s paradise – making…

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Frequently Asked Questions before Hiring a Car for Self Drive

You already have plans of travelling to Uganda either for a safari or business trip and you yet to decide whether you will need to hire a vehicle or to decide to taxi or public means to move you around the country. The best option here is to hire a vehicle because public transport in the country is congested and not disorganized. If you decide to hire a vehicle for self-drive in Uganda here are some of the tips you have to put in mind before hiring a vehicle. When should I Make a Car Rental Booking? As soon as…

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