Land Cruiser the best Car to Use on Self Drive trip in Uganda

Renting Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 vehicle and visit Uganda’s interesting destination. From Kampala city to the heart of Kidepo Valley National Park in the far north east of the country, and other destinations like Queen Elizabeth national Park Bwindi Impenetrable National Park among others, explore all parts of the country with a 4×4 car from Rental Cars Uganda Ltd. With a wide range of Toyota Prado all in good conditions to choose from and also safari camping gear for hire, you’ll be set for a memorable African adventure. Rental Cars Uganda Ltd offers dependable 4×4 safari vehicles for hire in…

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Tips to avoid accidents on self drive trip in Uganda

Driving in a foreign country is something not easy yet interesting and if you not carefully you likely to get accidents as you don’t have enough knowledge about the conditions of the roads, traffic laws and others. So in some cases you can get into circumstances where accidents and damages are bound to happen. Despite the fact that accidents and damages of rented cars are at times unavoidable, there are sure ways one can limit them from happening. Here are some of the ways and tips of how to evade accidents and damages of a car rental on a self…

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Simple Step to Book a Self Drive Car

Whenever you think of going for a self drive trip in a foreign country, the first question you should ask yourself is where and how you going to get a car to use. This is a very vital question and most travelers keep asking this same question as they plan for a self drive trip. The best way to contact a dependable car rental agency in Uganda is by checking online on the agency website check the vehicles available and then choose what is better for you then contact then through the website by clicking on contact us and fill…

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