Top Rental Cars For Group Tours

Are you planning for a group tour in Uganda or Rwanda but you do not know which car to use? Group tours are exceptionally exciting and enjoyable given the amazing experiences that come while you are exploring each other along the way to your respective safari destination, sharing the interesting moments in life, have fun, exchanging the best ideas which entirely kill the boredom if you decided to travel independently. Your experience will entirely be remarkable especially if you rented a vehicle that is reliable and comfortable for you and the rest of members in the group and it gets…

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How to Choose The Best Bridal Car in Uganda?

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Bridal Car in Kampala? Choosing the best car for your special day is undeniably one of the most challenging things in life. The majority of people have little or no knowledge about vehicles and this makes it a bit a big challenge when it comes to selecting the best car to be used on their wedding days. Your wedding car isn’t only supposed to be good-looking but also should be rare and must work well based on the plan of the wedding. Make sure that you take note of the size of your…

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What to do before visiting Uganda

We chose to visit Uganda totally all of a sudden. One day James called me at the office and asked whether I was interested in joining his workmates on an excursion to Uganda. “To where?” I inquired. I knew Uganda was an African nation in the eastern side of the continent, however that was about it. We had our air tickets by the following day. I was elate since I was going to spend same time with my boyfriend and his workmates and even my first time to set foot on the African continent, the continent I had always wanted…

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