6 Tips To Avoid Sleep While On A Road Trip In Uganda

Are you planning for a self-drive safari to Uganda? Do you always feel sleepy while driving and you do not know how to avoid it? Driving is undeniably the most tiring and strenuous thing in life and things can even be worse especially for first-time drivers. Besides bumpy roads in the rural areas, sleep will also be taking control of you but by the time you get done reading this post, we believe that you won’t be the same. Self-drive tours are more adventurous than guided safaris. With self-drive safaris, you become the manager of yourself on the road as…

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Traditional Arts And Crafts In Uganda

Uganda is a typical African boiling pot due to the numerous cultures that represent the difference in the tribes. Arts and Crafts are an integral part of the cultures and traditions of the people in Uganda from where inspirations to the history and environments are derived because they determine the crafts used by a particular tribe (culture). When you visit Uganda, you will notice that the arts and crafts represent the strong ethnic background and setting and you will be able to spot the difference between crafts made from various traditional societies but also tell the similarities among a number…

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Must Visit Places On Self Drive Safari In Uganda

With over 111 districts that are confined within Uganda and Kampala being its major city center and busiest commercial center, the government has time and again kept on subdividing the districts since 2005 as criteria of maintaining resources from being distributed primarily to the main towns sidelining the other sides of the district. Nearly every town has something to provide to visitors whether it is a famous national park, waterbody, mountains, or cultural sites, you will be covered. And in case you are organizing a self-drive tour in Uganda and still, you are not in a position to make the…

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