Planning a Self Drive Tour – The actual driving part

While I’m no more stranger to self-drive tours, these tours took things to a whole new level and I learned many new things about how to drive everywhere throughout the nation without losing my mind. You get to know a lot about self-drive tours when you drive 8,000 miles! In Case you have a janky and old car like me, think of hiring I know this appears to be absurdly, madly decadent but listen to me. Rental vehicles are reliable, new, and well serviced and feature things like an air conditioner, OnStar, warmed seats, and a GPS. My personal vehicle…

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A visit to Bwindi Forest – Home to mountain Gorillas

A hike through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest takes you very close to the rare and endangered mountain gorilla population. It was 10:30 a.m. and, we’d been climbing almost straight up the side of a rain-forested mountain in Bwindi Forest for around 3 hours. We were a group of seven trekkers some of us hired porters to help carry things, a guide, a guy with a machete to clear the path, and two armed guards both with AK47 for just in case of “aggressive jungle elephants. After a tiresome hike of about 3 hours in a think forest the guide stopped us,…

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Car Recommended for Wedding Party

Bridal cars play a vital part when it comes to wedding presentation, image creation during such a special moment in someone’s life. It is once a lifetime experience that anyone wishes to have although most people have been limited by resources. Despite your religion, faith, or tradition, one thing can be agreed across communities of a bride and a groom is simply that classic bridal car to be used during this special day. Our existence as one of the best and reliable car hire in Uganda is mainly to offer you that special moment in your life, choose for you…

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