Hiring a Car in Uganda: Expectations vs. Reality

It’s not very long since most travelers to Uganda adopted the idea of hiring a car and they drive themselves around when they are on their trip to Uganda. The self-drive car hire idea become famous in around 2002 due to the rapid development of the tourism industry of the country and most of the clients booking cars in Uganda are tourists who would love to explore the country but have a tight budget and they don’t have enough money to hire a Tour Company to organize for them a safari. Most tourists planning to travel to Uganda sometimes do…

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Explore Uganda in one week

Uganda is a country in East Africa, it’s one of the interesting travel destinations on the African continent. The country caters to all types of tourists ranging from the budget to top-end luxury travelers also from just culture tourists to wildlife and bird lovers. The country is home to a variety of attractions from the big bustling city to the amazing lush landscape and of course not forgetting the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. The country has something for everyone but it can require a lifetime for someone to explore well this vast country….

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Choosing the Best Size Rental Car for Your Trip

Hiring a vehicle to use on your self-drive holiday in Africa and enjoy your drive around the amazing scenes of the region and you listen to your favorite tunes, stopping whenever you want, and just observing where the drive takes you is all part of an amazing package of an interesting holiday. Isn’t it? Without considering the season of the year in which you want to visit the outside world! It has been confirmed that hiring a vehicle for self-drive is a convenient way to explore any destination than any other means of transport. It’s like this because on a…

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