Cross the Boarder with a Rental Vehicle

In case you’re anticipating driving you’re hire vehicle from one nation to another, most rental agencies will charge you a ‘cross-cross border fee‘. This is what you have to know.

In case you’re anticipating using a rental vehicle for a self drive trip across a border, you’ll have to get ready for the additional cost of a cross border fees, this is an extra fee to cover the extra insurance needed when you drive in a different nation from where you hire the vehicle. Some car rental company like; 4×4 Uganda Ltd, 4×4 Self Drive Kenya Ltd, Rental Cars Uganda Ltd and others don’t charge cross border fees they just get for papers for crossing the border and even advise you on where to buy the insurance needed to drive in any country you planning to visit.

You should simply tell the rental company where you’re anticipating going and they’ll advise you on how much additional you have to pay. They’ll require some notice, so ideally let the agency know your itinerary when you book the vehicle, and also before you arrive to pick the vehicle or before they deliver it to you at the airport or at the hotel.

How much do I have to pay to cross a border?

That really depends on where you’re going. Simply let the car rental agency know which border you’re planning to cross with their vehicle and they’ll give all the information and papers you need to cross the board and how much you will pay for insurance.

Why I have to tell the rental company?

In case you don’t inform the rental agency before you drive into another country, you’ll void your insurance / protection. This implies on the off chance that you have an accident, or if your vehicle gets stolen or damaged in another country, you’ll need to pay all cost to the rental agency out of your own pocket.

Most car rental agencies will ask you about your travel plans before they confirm the booking. This gives them enough time to process for you all the information you require, to enlighten you about any fees and process for you all the paperwork you may need to take with you when crossing borders. Along these lines, while booking a vehicle, always tell the company you’re booking with that you’d love to cross the border to another country with your rental vehicle.

Are there any countries I can’t cross into?

Most car rental companies don’t allow clients to cross to some countries with their vehicles most especially those countries in political crisis for example, DRC, South Sudan, Somalia and others.

Are there any vehicles I can’t take across a border?

It’s not an immovable administer, but rather as a rule you’ll struggle to get a high value vehicle across a border. Once more, always check with the agency when you book your trip to be safe.

What’s more, in the event that you use online booking, (for example,, they can also help you organize this: simply let them know.