Land Rover Defender Safari Vehicle

Rental Cars Uganda has a large fleet of completely equipped Land Rovers Defenders available for rental services for travelers. The vehicles are new/late models in exceptional condition and well maintained. While we determinedly recommend the Land Rover as a perfect alternative for a self-drive we can additionally arrange other vehicle types if you have any other particular vehicle preference.

Extensive, modified Land Rover Defenders are the best way to travel on Africa safari. These dependable, rough vehicles are tough enough for river crossings, wild landscape, dirt roads, and anything that comes your way, yet comfortable enough for full days of wildlife watching!

Your customized Land Rover Defenders offer prevalent:

Wildlife watching: You came on safari to watch a lot of wildlife; specially designed Land Rovers offer:

  • Custom pop-up tops that permit you to stand up and get 360� perspectives
  • NO mileage restrictions you’ll travel where the wildlife is, no matter what.

Seating: The vehicle seating is designed to guarantee each and every guest gets the best, most comfortable safari experience possible:

  • There’s seating for up to 8 travelers, however on normal, there are only 5 in a vehicle, so spread out.
  • Lowered seats make for better wildlife watching
  • Everybody is ensured a window seat, every single day

Additional Features: You’ll spend most of the time in your vehicle on safari and you’ll need to be as comfortable as possible.

  • All vehicles are equipped with various US-style outlets for easy battery and device recharging
  • You’ll be given complimentary snacks and bottled water all day long.
  • The pop-up top offers protection from the sun, so you can keep tabs on the wildlife, not your sunscreen

Land Rover Defender

  • Land cruiser for 6 passangers
  • Transmission: Manual
  • With Ac
  • Pop roof game viewing
  • Designed for Game viewing