Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I eligible to drive?
If you are above 20 years of age and you have a valid driver’s license, you may apply to rent a car with Rental Cars Uganda Ltd and if you believe 20 years and you have a valid driving permit then you have to pay under age driver surcharge in order to hire a car.

2. What is included in the daily rental fee?
24/7 Roadside assistance
Coverage for accidental damage and theft
Free vehicle delivery and pick up

3. What about cancellation fees?
The company will charge you NO cancellation fees providing you give like 7 days written notice of cancellation and the company will refund you full amount of your commitment fees minus the surcharge and when you cancel like 5 day before then the company will refund you 50% of the commitment fee and when you cancel when its less than 5 days to the starting period of your rental then the company will not give any refund.

3. Is there a free km allowance?
Rental Cars Uganda Ltd gives no restriction on the kilometers you drive a day, unless when you have rented the car for hours. And hourly rental price always include fuel.

4. Is there a bond or deposit payable?
NO. All vehicle at Rental Cars Uganda Ltd are comprehensively insured, there is no bond required but some rental companies in the country require it and the $400 for most cars are need this money is refunded some days after the car is returned, subjected to any fines, damage, tolls or cleaning costs that may have been brought about. That is some of the advantage you will get when you rent the car from Rental Cars Uganda Ltd.

Do I have to clean and refuel the car on return?
For cleaning the car, it’s not necessary because you may not get that time to take the vehicle at washing bar for wash on your last day of the trip yet still you have to catch your plain back home, so you can return the car as it is even if it is dirty beyond recognition, but for the case of fuel, you will need to return it with the same amount of fuel provided at the time of pick up.

If I have a problem during my rental, can I call someone for help?
In case you need any help or when you have any question during your car rental, just please feel free to call +256 773 728 141.

Do the cars have Roadside Assistance?
Yes! Roadside Assistance is available nationwide and can be accessed 24 hours a day. So in case of any problem during your rental you just need to call +256 773 728 141 and report the problem you will get help in less than 3 hours.