4×4 Uganda Reviews

Uganda is among Africa’s natural gems; a treasure nestled at the eastern part of this vast continent of Africa. Tourists from different parts of the world travel to Uganda to exploit the amazing climate, accommodation, game parks, natural and cultural attractions, and, obviously, the huge variety of wildlife in the country.

The landscape of Uganda offer the full range of living space types (from thick green forests the west to arid desert northern part of the country, and everything in-between), making them perfect habitat for a large number of animal species. These incorporate amazing predators, birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians and variety of insects. These different species are found in ample abundance in different wildlife parks in the nation, and in addition in the wild and natural countryside, where they live free.

The Big Five is among the attractions you will enjoy in Uganda. This group incorporates the Cape Buffalo, African Elephant, Rhino, Lion, and Leopard. This combination of predator and terrestrial mammals makes a memorable sighting of the world’s most interesting species.

Uganda is an amazing country for a self drive tour to interesting wildlife viewing destinations. The country also boast over 12 National Parks and Reserves and still is known for being home to half of the remaining population of mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This is a perfect starting point for self-drive tours around Eastern Africa! It has everything for a fantastic self-drive holiday, from good roads to epic wildlife and landscape viewing. Uganda is best travelled by 4×4 car, as it allows you to make your way through the regions, seeing every view as it comes.

The country has a fantastic road network in place, attractive collection of eco-lodges and campsites, and is a very safe place to travel.

Ugandans are so friendly welcoming. So whether it’s your first time self driving and you are nervous, Uganda will welcome you warmly, or whether you’re an adventurer wanting to go into the unknown, Uganda will deliver.