Saloon Cars

Saloon Cars is the common name used in Britain while in Canada, America, Australian English and New Zealand they call it Sedan. Rental Cars Uganda Ltd offers such cars for hire at affordable price.

The sedan cars have three box arrangements where the driver occupies the front, the passengers take the second while the third is for luggage.

Other than the driver, there is one passenger in the front compartment while the center compartment can takes 2 – 3 people. The two medium sized bags can fit in the boot. The extended forefront contains the engine.

Hiring a sedan car in Uganda is cheap about USD35 to USD50 this offers affordable transportation services more especially to those on self drive within city centers. These cars are good for town drives because most upcountry roads in Uganda are not in good conditions and they can only be passable by a strong 4×4 vehicles.

Rental Cars Uganda Ltd vehicles are offered par day and unlimited mileage and they are fully insured.