All the other Self Drive Trip Planning Tips I have

Visit travel websites

So how would you really find marvelous things on your drive trip to Uganda? There are several attractions and activities you can visit and take part in on the Uganda trip including gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla national parks, wildlife watching in different wildlife parks among others.

Check travel websites; the best way to find interesting attractions and tourist activities in the world. Is by visiting different travel sites to compare rates and even get advice from different travelers, the best travel site which can give you reliable information is the Tripadvisor, there you can get everything you need, from reliable tour operators, cheap travel packages, good and affordable accommodations in all destinations on the planet.

Ask your social media friends for insights + advice

I wager your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter friends have some great ideas for you on any destination you planning to visit! When was planning to visit Uganda, posted on my social media accounts requesting the best car rental company in Uganda, the top destinations I should not miss when in that country, and more travel tips I should know before visiting Uganda. My Instagram friend Joel told me about his visit to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park where he met face to face with the rare and endangered mountain gorillas, then my friend from Facebook also told me about his business trip to Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda and he hire a self-drive vehicle from 4×4 Uganda Ltd at cheap price, there is also a friend who told me about his amazing stay at Mweya safari lodge in Queen Elizabeth National Park. I got a lot of advice from friends from there I choose to book a safari land cruise with 4×4 Uganda Ltd at 90$ per day with unlimited millage.

Safari Land Cruiser for Hire on Self Drive

Have it in mind that can’t see everything ever

At different circumstances on my excursion, I’d get disappointed and worried that I couldn’t stop and see every great thing that ever existed. I kicked myself for missing the Equator on my way to Queen Elizabeth National Park and I didn’t make it to Semiliki National Park to visit Sempaya Hot Springs. In any case, the nature of travel (and life) is that we have limited time and cash and that is okay.

Don’t force yourself to see ‘important’ things you don’t care about

I’m not especially into art museums or historical tours. I will, nonetheless, cheerfully hand over all my cash for wildlife watching or gorilla trekking. I literally went and visited chimpanzees in Kibale Forest National Park and skipped golden monkey tracking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. if you don’t feel like doing something, YOU TOTALLY DON’T HAVE TO.

Give yourself a ‘day off’ every once in a while

In case you’re going for a considerable long trip, you will need to do laundry, reply to your emails, fill your cooler, and possibly simply observe some Netflix in a calm, darkroom. It’s alright to set aside a day or two every couple of weeks for general maintenance, planning, and calm. This time doesn’t mean you’re ‘voyaging wrongly,’ it implies you’re a human and you require time to revive your batteries.