Self drive Car Hire experience in Kampala – Uganda

Last time when I travelled to Kampala, like 4 years back, I didn’t really consider self drive car hire, because I had less time to stay in the city (less than 24 hours) and it was the first time for me to visit this busy city. I choose to hire a car with a drive for just hours to just roam around the city.

This time around, things were totally different. I was to spend some long time in the city, more distance to cover and even more confident than prior with regards to driving around all alone. So I started searching for the self drive car rental agencies in Kampala.

One of the main self drive car hire in the city is the Self Drive Uganda Ltd. They have wide variety of vehicles small cars, sedan and SUVs both in automatic and manual transmission. They have a Land cruiser Prado at USD80 per day, Nissan Patrol at USD95 per day, Toyota Rav4 at USD45 per day among other cars. Since I had to visit different destinations in the country including remote upcountry areas and I had already read on internet that some roads in the country are in the bad conditions, I was enticed to try a 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser, but unfortunately they have an odd timing policy of Midnight to midnight is considered a day, meaning if I want the vehicle from 08:00AM today till 08:00AM tomorrow, I have to pay hire for 2 days. This didn’t make sense. I wouldn’t be able to utilize the vehicle ideally between 00:00hours and 23:00 hours. So dropped them then and searched for another company and I came across Rental Cars Uganda Ltd it’s a new company in the business but there services are excellent they are quick in replying the emails and the staff is friendly. They have the billing I wanted where they charge 25hour for example when your hiring for one day and you get a car at 08:00am you a expected to return it at 08:00am and its one day.

When I asked them on how I will get the car, they told me the agent will be waiting me at the airport and sign some papers and then pay the balance and get a receipt then he will handle the keys of a good looking black Land Cruiser Prado. It had tinted windows and back glass, which was great in heat however made back view mirror visibility poorer. The vehicle didn’t have a first aid kit, with big exhaust pipe like that of Subaru cars making a lot noise. No other complaints on the car and I drove off.

All things considered drive was fun on the curvy roads of Kisoro about 480km from Kampala and I managed to reached there after a 6hours drive because the road was good and the car was able to reach a top speed of 140km in 1minute since it was petrol.

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