Can I Smoke in a Rental Car?

Is smoking allowed while on Self-Drive in Uganda?

While on Self-Drive in Uganda, there are policies to follow by all clients interested in driving our rental vehicles to any place of their preference.

Smoking in the rental car is not allowed due to the fact that it is inappropriate hence travelers interested in smoking are required to do so at stops/ breaks outside the car.

This comes at an extra fee and adherence to the Rules and Regulations. In case you smoke in the car, you will be required to pay an extra charge for cleaning the car.

The reason we advise you not to smoke in the car, this could also lead to an accident due to lack of focus while on the wheels for you prone to have divided attention.

Smoking cigarettes on your self-drive in Uganda rental could also lead to wildfires as you get to throw your almost finished cigarette through the window into the bushes in the wild something so dangerous.

When booking your car rental in Uganda, you are required to give us a security deposit paid by credit card or cash. After the trip, you can choose to drop the car at our offices or drop it at the Airport after informing us then we shall pick it up there.