Frequently Asked Questions before Hiring a Car for Self Drive

You already have plans of travelling to Uganda either for a safari or business trip and you yet to decide whether you will need to hire a vehicle or to decide to taxi or public means to move you around the country. The best option here is to hire a vehicle because public transport in the country is congested and not disorganized. If you decide to hire a vehicle for self-drive in Uganda here are some of the tips you have to put in mind before hiring a vehicle.

When should I Make a Car Rental Booking?

As soon as possible for contrary to observations, there are times when vehicles are just unavailable at the airport from the owning to seasonal highs, sporting events, large conferences etc. What you don’t need is to land at the airport and need to trawl the rental desk and after the rental desk at high demand pricing attempting to secure the vehicle. Booking a car in Uganda is a simple process and ensures that a vehicle will be ready and waiting for you at the airport.

What are the first steps to take before you rent the Car?

Choose the type of vehicle you want to hire, 4WD vehicle or 2WD, Automatic or Manual transmission, the number of people you travelling within the car, study for the car rental websites for various cars on offer and good discounts. Once you choose your favourite vehicle to hire, request a quotation from the car rental company concerned and it is advisable that you try several.

How Do I Evaluate The Car Rental Quotations?

Most citations give you the absolute minimum details so firstly verify exactly what the cost includes. This will always incorporate unlimited kilometres and other waivers. That is the simple part yet leaves you practically in the dark.

Would it be a good idea to pay for my Rental in Advance?

It is advisable to pay your rent in advance to a specific amount because most car rental company only confirm you’re booking after receiving your commitment fee that is about 30% of the total amount. It’s from this 30% that the company prepare everything you need for the trip and another thing during the high season cars are on high demand so it’s better to pay on it before you travel so that you can be on sure deal.

Does The Car Rental Company Provide Country Wide Back-Up Service?

It is recommended to you book a car with a big and dependable car rental company like 4×4 Uganda Ltd, Rental Cars Uganda Ltd and others. These have offices in all major towns in the country and they can provide rescue in case you get a breakdown or accident with their car when you’re on the trip.

What Level of Car Rental Insurance Cover is Necessary?

Some car rental companies in Uganda put their cars in comprehensive insurance whereby damages beyond USD50 will be covered by the insurance and those damages below USD50 will be on you and the company.

On Arrival What Do I Need To Do When Collecting My Rental Car?

Before you even leave home, you contact your designated car rental company and when coming ensure that you have the following;
A driving permit
A passport
A credit card must not be a debit or cheque card.
Any additional drivers must accompany you with their driving permit and passports.

While having the car handed over, check and make sure that each scratch or mark is noted on the hand over the sheet and this incorporates chips on the windscreen. Take pictures if vital. Check the tyres and also check whether the spare tyre and the tools are there.

Then enjoy your adventure to Uganda with your rental car. For all car rental services in Uganda, you can contact us through info@ OR call