One Way Car Hire in Uganda, Entebbe Airport Car Hire

One-way car hire is a general term used for car rental companies where a vehicle is picked at one area, and dropped off at a different area. One-way hire is something that can offer flexibility to somebody interested in self drive safari. The best example of a one-way car hire is when you pick the car from Entebbe international Airport in Uganda and use the car for some days and then drop it to a different location like Kigali International Airport in Rwanda and then flying back. One-way auto rentals are one of the priciest recommendations in the car rental business. In case you drop the vehicle to another location than you picked it up, the rental company will have to get the car back to where it belongs – and they will make sure they pass the related expenses on to you. One-way rental in Uganda is commonly penalized with high base rates or drop-off additional charges. In spite of the additional cost, clients choose one-way car hire for several of reasons.

Rental Cars Uganda Ltd is a car rental agency in Uganda and a subsidiary of African Jungle Adventures Ltd, we provide affordable prices, best services and well maintained vehicles. We offer the best rental vehicles and safari vehicles you can you on road trip to different interesting destinations in the country and outside Uganda. We offer the best deals and with the best rental conditions. Comprehensive, so no hidden expenses! We give you all the information you need to make a good choice based on our knowledge, and our clients’ experience:

Uganda Car Rental Information
Thinking about car hire first when you are organizing a self-drive tour in Uganda, is completely a perfect idea! In case you are simply driving in and around city, you can do with an “ordinary” saloon car, but as soon as you think about leaving the city area and drive upcountry, then you should think of another car option because some roads upcountry are in bad conditions and you may need a strong 4×4 vehicle to pass through them.

It will be imperative to have at least a rough idea, if not an exact idea of the conditions of your roads you going to take, to know the level of dirty roads you will be driving on and the weather condition of the place you will be visiting. This will determine the type of the car you will need on your road trip. It is additionally essential to know what number of people you are travelling with and in case it will be only camping safari, thus more supplies and equipment, or you going to stay at safari lodge, tented camps.

After reviewing all the above and know the road conditions of the destinations you going to visit then you will be able to choose the type of the car to take, in case you going to be more on good roads then a small 4×4 car can work for you, for example, a Toyota Rav4, which will save you some money, if budget is a worry. In case you are hoping for a more adventurous route and visiting different communities and national parks en route, a sturdier, 4×4 safari vehicles is advisable, as you will find some rough roads. This would be more in accordance with a Toyota Land cruiser, Toyota Prado, land rovers and other. What’s more, in case you are in a group, and have a lot luggage with you, those vehicles will be a perfect choice because they have enough luggage space.

When you are hiring a vehicle with camping gear, ensure you check everything before you leave Kampala. It’s additionally good to know what you already have and check whether there is whatever else that you figure you may have overlooked.

Note: There are small service stations essentially all over the country, but do ensure that you have an idea roughly where you are, and if all else fails, take an additional 20 liter canister with you. You get those in Nakumat stores and its worth a lot to have serenity in case it comes to knowing you have enough gas with you!