Simple car problems that every driver should know to how to fix

In the event that you own a vehicle, you ought to know how to fix some simple common issues on the car; or else, the mechanics will rake in huge profits out of you, just for nothing. Here and there, having several numbers of mechanics on your speed dial can’t help. Imagine getting up in the morning to a dead battery, or when your vehicle can’t start and you need to go to drop kids at school as you go to work. Over your driving profession, your vehicle will develop numerous issues, some complex and some minor.

The most common issue is Puncture repair and tire change
This is the easiest of all issues that may happen to your vehicle, yet you will be shocked that many people more especially the ladies can’t change the car tire. In the event that you get a cut when you are on the road to somewhere, you can repair your tire and it will hold until you can get your vehicle to the garage. Many people think about changing the tire and that is advisable since everybody carries a spare tire, however with a tube of sealant, you can seal the cut, but temporarily and the good thing is that the sealant additionally blows up the tire.

Dead battery
Numerous things can lead to this problem, however the most well-known is leaving the lights on to deplete the battery. To start the vehicle with a dead battery, you need a jump pack. Connect the positive lead from the jump pack to the positive terminal of the battery and afterward the negative lead to the chassis. At that point turn on the jump pack and start the vehicle. At the point when the car starts, charge the jump pack overnight to keep it prepared for next time.

It is best that you recognize what caused your battery to die. Did you leave the lights on or is your alternator giving up on you? Find out.

Changing headlight bulbs
Always you should spare bulbs for your car’s headlamps more especially when you’re going to drive upcountry. You never know when the darkness will strike! You can just buy spare bulbs if you know the type of bulbs your vehicle use. This means you will need to read the guide book of your vehicle to know how to replace the bulbs from the back of the housing. The design could be somewhat different depending on the type of vehicle, but it should be simple for you to figure out. You will have to turn the socket holding the bulb anticlockwise to set the bulb free from the housing, to access the bulb. Now you will need to have some simple tools like a screwdriver.

Leaking Hose
This is another small issue that you can deal with on your own. With time, the hosepipe taking water from the radiator to the engine may break and begin leaking, along these lines putting your vehicle in danger of overheating. You can fix this easily if you have your kit for hose repair. Incorporated into this kit is a pair of clamps, a blade, and rubber cement. Wait for your engine to cool, and then cut the spilling sector of the hose. From the kit, take your coupling, apply the rubber cement to it and afterward install it and fix it on both sides with your metal clamps. That ought to contain the leak very well until you take the vehicle to the garage so that the whole house can be replaced.