Tips to avoid accidents on self drive trip in Uganda

Driving in a foreign country is something not easy yet interesting and if you not carefully you likely to get accidents as you don’t have enough knowledge about the conditions of the roads, traffic laws and others. So in some cases you can get into circumstances where accidents and damages are bound to happen.

Despite the fact that accidents and damages of rented cars are at times unavoidable, there are sure ways one can limit them from happening. Here are some of the ways and tips of how to evade accidents and damages of a car rental on a self drive safari in Uganda:

Try not to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Alcohol and other drugs can lead to brain weakness and consequently losing judgment over some things. There are a lot of difficulties one face while driving for example other vehicles on the same road, animals and people crossing and furthermore sharp corner to beat so one needs clear mind to be at most extreme operation.

Evade over speeding of the rental vehicle. When driving in Uganda, the speed limit is 80km/hr on highway and 50km/hr in town areas. It’s also strongly recommended that you follow road signs with speed limits. Over speeding is one of the main causes of accidents in Uganda due to the bad road conditions. Due to over speeding the vehicle become uncontrollable and in case of any interruption one can over run something like another vehicle or a man by the road side.

Always concentrate on driving. Try not to do anything that can disrupt while driving for instance using any devices like mobile phone or computer and even there is tendency of lovers kissing while driving this can also lead to accidents and you should avoid it. Those influence one to lose concentrate on driving at last leading to cause of accident on the road.

Never tempt to overtake in corners. On every road there are those black points where most accidents happen. This is because at this point a driver is not able to see what is coming in front of him / her and in case he/she tries to overtake or over speed when approaching such places they may end up getting accidents. It’s advisable you fallow the traffic laws and keep a moderate speed in case you approaching such points.

Avoid driving for a long hours, this can accumulates fatigue which can prompt losing the concentration and at time sleeping off while on the steering wheel and in returns prompt running over another vehicles. It is best for one to drive for short hours and furthermore have enough rest before driving a vehicle.

Avoid driving long distance at night. It is extremely unsafe for a person who is driving for the first time in Uganda to drive during night time since he/she doesn’t know the conditions of the roads. You will face a lot of challenges since you are a new drive on Ugandan roads, among the challenges you will face include endless potholes in the roads, careless drivers on roads and careless pedestrian crossing the road and animals crossing the road.

Before signing and car rental agreement and getting in the driver seat of your self-drive car rental, check the vehicle thoroughly for both physical and mechanical states of the car. For example check whether all the fluids like oil hydraulics, water and fuel are at their best levels and furthermore check if the brakes, the transmission box and lights are functioning well. When the car is not in good condition, there are high chances of breaking down during your trip the thing which can disorganize your tour.

If all the above tips are followed, it will limit the chances of causing accidents to the first time driver in Uganda.