Basic tips for driving safe in Uganda

Hiring cars for self drive in Uganda is among the most sought after way to explore the many and interesting attractions in the pearl of Africa (Uganda) and yes when you rent a good vehicle from any of a dependable car rental company like Rental Cars Uganda Ltd, 4×4 Uganda Ltd and others. Regardless of what you going to do with the cars being a business trip, tour across Uganda attractions, or visiting friends, Rental Cars Uganda will get for a car that will suite your needs and desires. It is really amazing being behind the wheels just riding around and you explore the country. Much the same as some other nation, Uganda has its basics to keep you safe on the road throughout your car rental period and here we share on some of the tips for driving in Uganda.

Check if the car is comprehensive insured. For as much as self drive is amazing and sitting in the driver sit and drive around the country, it is additionally essential that you consider taking a vehicle that is comprehensively insured and ensure that the vehicle is ready for adventure. Uncertainties can’t be avoided so it’s advisable to ask the agent whether the car is insured before you hire.

Driving in Uganda is such interesting and safe if you maintain the speed limits on the road sign posts. Slow moving vehicles keep to the left of the road, the maximum speed is 80kms/hr on the highways and 50km/hr in towns. Traffic police on roads are always careful and lookout for the speeding cars on the road.

Keep valuable things hidden in the car while driving and keep use the center lock to lock all the windows. In case you are driving and got so important things in the hired vehicle with you, please keep them away to disposal. This can also call for attention from criminal minded people who can break the car to steal things or even tailing you. Keep your valuables safe from you and enjoy driving around Kampala in your car rental in peace of mind.

Always carry a spare tire in your car, since when you going for a trip you will need to drive long distance unstop, getting flat tire is common this will not be a problem in case you called a spare tire with you and you to replace it, and its recommended that as soon as you reach a service station or fuel station, you fix that tire so that it can be able to rescue you in case you get puncture again. Most car rental companies in Uganda offers cars with spare tires and some even give two tires to those hiring for many days. In case they didn’t show you the spare tire make sure you ask for before you sign the agreement and even paying for rental.

The most important thing to avoid during your self-drive trip in Uganda is taking a lot of alcohol yet you going to drive, despite of the fact that the cars are fully insured the insurance company will compensate the damages caused by the a drunk driver and its even mentioned in the car hire agreement that the hirer will be fully responsible for the damages caused by driving under influence of alcohol or drugs. Even in the Uganda traffic laws its crime to drive when you drunk, so it’s advisable that you at least avoid boozing to stay safe on your trip.

Always have enough fuel: You would not have any desire to be stuck in the middle of nowhere or amidst the wilderness with an empty tank? OK? It’s advisable that you always have enough fuel in your tank to reach your destination and its better you first know the number of kilometers you going to drive so that you can calculate the amount of fuel you need. Different car rental companies have different fuel policies for example 4×4 Uganda Ltd offers a car with half tank and you have to return half tank at the end of the trip. The best recommended fuel stations to use in Uganda are Total fuel station, Shell fuel station and Kobil.

When driving in Uganda for the first time it’s also advisable that you give way to the minibus taxis approaching, these are the most dangerous people on the road, they are ever speedy and sometimes reckless they can overtake in the a blind corner. The best you can do is to give way to the overtaking and incoming minibus vans taxi they can be identified with a light on top written the word taxi and they all have blue strips. When you do that definitely you will be safe when driving in Uganda