A Weekend Escape to Jinja – Uganda

Kampala is the largest city and most populated city in Uganda with over 1.2 million people, it’s the commercial and capital of Uganda. The bank is the center of business in Uganda where you can find all Banks, social enterprises, insurance companies, small businesses of all type, international humanitarian aids organizations, and government offices – they are all found here. The daily hustle is ON. Traffic jam is crazy. The sun is blazing. It’s whatever we can do to traverse the day and unwind over a drink at one of the numerous lively night spots.

During the weekend, most people in Kampala always move out of the concrete jungle and commune with nature. In case you just arrived in the town, maybe when you don’t know where to go or how to reach there, this article has all the information you need to have a nice and great weekend escape. Kampala locals, Is it true that you are depleted and need to stay in and orgy watch contraband series? Or, on the other hand perhaps you’d rather spend your cash nearby and couldn’t care less about watching anything green? traveling to the eastern part of Uganda to Jinja is the perfect choice for a weekend escape.

Taking a road trip outside the city doesn’t take much work. The roads are not in bad conditions and the distance will not kill – as long as you start your trip early enough. Public transport is cheap and can be found everywhere, regardless of the possibility that it’s not the most comfortable. In such manner, here are some of the suggestions cheap and interesting weekend activities that will keep you out of the city, and refresh you for the week ahead.

Saturday: There are not many companies in Uganda offering full service of White Water Rafting, but the most famous ones are Google Adrift and Nile River Explorers in case you planning a trip of this type, you can give them a call in advance and they help you organize a trip. They’ll tell you where you should go and at only $140, you’ll get free transport, an entire day of white water rafting on the Nile, and lunch. These two companies offer lively tented camps overlooking the Nile, with drinks and good food. You can stay and party with all the people you enjoyed the rafting with.

Sunday you can spend it in Mabira Forest where you can enjoy zip-line at Griffin falls. It’s also known as the “Super Skyway” and its so rad. $60 gets you a well guided nature walk the forest and around 4 hours in the canopy. The workers are all from the neighbourhood meaning they know the forest better than anyone else. Its cash well spent in an obscure location, just 1 hour drive from Kampala orJinja.