Essential Guide to Hiring a Car in Uganda

Not at all like in some countries, when you rent a vehicle in Uganda, you’ll normally get a driver alongside it! Understandably, this can take a bit of becoming acclimated to, particularly if it’s your first tour to Uganda and you’ve never experienced it. This is what you have to know.

Why Hire a Car and Driver?
Why not just rent a vehicle and drive yourself? Or then again take the bus? Or on the other hand, take a tour? Renting a vehicle and driver is perfect for independent tourists who want to be flexible and have power over their itineraries, and simplicity of movement.

You’ll be able to stop at any destination that intrigue you and not need to stress over how to get around. While the option for renting a vehicle without a driver (Self Drive Car hire) is growing in the country, self-driving isn’t recommended for mental health and security reasons, as some of the roads in the country are in poor condition and drivers rarely follow the road rules in the country. But travel is helpful for traveling long distance with not a lot to see in between. Be that as it may, in case you’re expecting visit different attractions in different parts of the country, for example, attractions in Kampala, national parks like Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, or Queen Elizabeth National Park then renting a vehicle and driver is a perfect choice.

How Much Does it Cost?
The cost of car hire will depend on the type of vehicle and whether with or without English speaking driver/guide (these drivers regularly cost more). The charge is usually per day. The rates for each type of vehicle do differ by company and location, despite the fact that coming up next is a general estimate:

Small cars like Toyota Rav4, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Premio, Nissan X Trail, and these cars normally come with a working air conditioner, and full-time 4×4, 5-speed automatic gearbox, Power steering, Power windows, Front Airbags, 4 seaters + luggage, CD + MP3 CD player. These cars are normally offered at around 45$ to 60$. These cars comfortably fit two passengers, however, can fit around 5 people.

Medium Car they normally come with Air conditioner, Power steering, Power windows, Front Airbags, CD player and they can comfortably carry 4 people plus luggage and each with a window seat but still, it carries up to 6 people. It’s offered at around 80$ to 100$ per day without fuel and driver allowance.

Safari vehicle they come in both automatic and manual, they carry up to six people, Pop roof game viewing, some come with Air conditioner and some don’t and they are offered at around 200$ to 250$ per day. These unique vehicles are designed to deal with bad African roads and for wildlife watching in the national parks.