How to Plan a Road Trip Wisely

With the progression of time, self-drive tours are turning out to be exceptionally common in Uganda. Since self-drive tours are aimed at total enjoyment, one needs to keep in mind certain parameters for making the trip enjoyable and memorable. Also, the tourists would prefer not to limit themselves under the stipulations of service providers. This reason for sure gets served by arranging a self-drive trip. Returning to the essentials of this self-drive safari, it will be perfect to start with the type of vehicle suitable for the tour and where you’re traveling to. After this, a discussion on the other factors affecting the road trip shall be focused on.

Hire an SUV for a road trip: Due to their roomy nature, SUVs worth considering with regards to hiring a vehicle for a road trip. Other than solace, SUV gives an absolutely luxurious trip and if you’re traveling with a family, then, SUV is the perfect choice for you to rent as it can accommodate many individuals. Among the top options of SUV, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Fortuner, and Ford Endeavor can be considered when hiring a vehicle for self-drive tours.

Safari accommodation should be carefully and rightly selected in advance, if you’re planning a road trip/self-drive trip, the next thing to think about is where you will be spending the night during the trip. You have to first calculate the distance u have to drive per day and then look for where you will rest and if you’re going for a wildlife tour you have to look for accommodation within or near the wildlife park so that you don’t miss any activity driving to the park in the morning when you spent the night very far from the park. The accommodation must be booked and paid for in advance because it will be more tiresome to drive and reach your destination for example if you’re going to Queen Elizabeth National Park for wildlife watching, it will be irritating to drive 387km from Kampala to Kasese and you reach there and start looking for where to sleep. So it means that you are recommended to book accommodation initially so that you can rest and get refreshed luxuriously.

Do enough research on the destination you’re hoping to travel to, this is one of the factors that can lead to an unsuccessful road trip for example if you want to visit Uganda for a gorilla trekking safari in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, you need to search on the destination, like the condition of the road so that you can know the perfect vehicle to take you successfully, lodge options in the park to know where to sleep and other factors. This will guarantee that your trip is enjoyed smoothly.

The main things ought to be carried: It is recommended to bring the fundamental things which can contribute to a pleasant self-drive tour. These may extend from the camera, handy maps, and spare parts of the vehicle to similar fundamental things which you can’t do without.

The entire idea is to be furnished with all the essential items and plans a self-drive tour pragmatically.