My Selfdrive Cultural Safari to Uganda

Last year in December, I had a chance to enjoy a road trip to a different cultural tour in Uganda. I had been envisioning controlling my excursion when am visiting Africa and unlike the previous attempts, this time I could have it. I booked my safari with 4×4 Uganda Ltd one of the leading car rental companies in Uganda. I chose to use this company since they were more dependable and they replied to my inquiries faster than others. It was as simple as going on the web and search for self-drive car hire in Uganda and I was given several alternatives from which I picked I kept in touch with the best I had picked and specified that I wanted to drive myself.

I needed to spend at least 2 days in Uganda and I explained this to them so that they can perfectly plan for me. I was astounded to get their reply promptly and I liked their ways of getting things done. Their proposed itinerary was awesome; in this way, I went on and confirmed the excursion. The pricing was great in that they were charging me $45 per day on the car. This was the best cost around due to the fact that different companies were charging me more than this yet offering the same services. As I would like to think, I requested a 4×4 wheel drive vehicle and a Toyota Rav4 was the best option for this.

I arrived at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda at around 11:15pm and I was welcomed by a driver from 4×4 Uganda Ltd who briefed me shortly about how to drive in the country as he escorted me to the hotel in Entebbe they had booked me (Airport View Hotel). When we reached the hotel I checked in and he left me to rest because the next day I was to start my trip.

The next morning, I enjoyed breakfast at the hotel and since I was interested in a culture tour, I didn’t stress a lot and I decide to have enough sleep in order to be fresh for my tour.

I woke up at 9:00am and I start to prepare for the first day of my trip and after I went to my car I have rented set my GPS tracker well and then start my trip by heading to the fuel station to fill my tank because the car was given to be half tank. I started my actual trip by visiting the Ugandan Museum where I had an opportunity to see the several old artifacts which portray the historical backdrop of Ugandan culture. I later continued and visited the Buganda Kabaka’s royal palace before ending the day with amazing entertainment from Ndere troupes.

Sincerely this was the best trip I ever had in my life because the next morning I woke up for breakfast at Protea Hotel Kampala and then transfer to visit the Namugongo Uganda Martyrs Shrine and after I went for lunch and then continued to visit the Kasubi Royal Tombs.

For sure the freedom and flexibility I enjoyed on this tour must have been the driving force for its uniqueness. I had the freedom to explore the city at my own pace and do whatever and everything I planned to do on this trip was done. I ended my trip on the second day after lunch by driving back to Entebbe International Airport where I found the representative from 4×4 Uganda Ltd already waiting to take the car back to the company.