What to Consider When Hiring a Vehicle for Road Trip

You can have a great self drive safari planned, but still you have to hire a vehicle to use. There are a variety of factors you have to keep in mind before booking your tripe to make sure you enjoy a smoothly moving trip.

Hire a vehicle that will suit your needs

mudy-roadIf your to take a road trip in Uganda, the first thing you think of is the type of the car you need, like if you’re going to have a self drive tour, you will need a strong 4×4 safari vehicle because most roads going to different national parks in the country are in bad conditions so avoid getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. But if you’re planning to drive around the city, it is fine you can hire a simple economical car like, Toyota Rav4, Toyota Premio and other vehicles in the same range. This can still help you save time and money.

Do same research on the destination & Keep the distance you’re travelling in mind

car-hireIf you want to visit places like Uganda for a safari, it is better that you do some simple research about the country and know where you can find every tourist destination, how kilometres are there from the main town, and the amount of fuel you will need on your trip. Being comfortable on a trip is the best way to enjoy it, it is better if you’re going for a vacation to hire at least good and comfortable vehicle because you will need to drive a long distance in short period of time. A powerful vehicle like a Toyota land cruiser which is designed to travel in Africa’s bad roads is a better choice if you’re travelling far from home. These vehicles are customised for travellers with more space for luggage and good presence on the road which will increase your safety when travelling in the dark.

On the other hand, if you just want to drive around the city like enjoying a city tour or when you’re just on business trip to Uganda, it better that you get a simple and economical vehicle because most roads in major cities around the country are in good conditions and we think there is no need to hire a big and expensive vehicle. Simple cars like, Toyota Rav4 and other in the same range can be perfect and you can get it on cheap rates.

Don’t let the weather put a damper on your travel

driving-fogWhen you’re hoping to make a road in Uganda, you need to rent a car that will adjust to your travel pans that is to say, when you’re travelling during the rainy season you will not need to postpone your plan because it rained instead you will just need a car that is strong enough to pass through muddy roads. Another thing there is a point when you find the road when it is full of mist, there you will need to have a car with good lights so that instead of stopping somewhere to wait for mist to reduce, you just reduce the speed and keep moving. And 4×4 vehicles are highly recommended for a successful road trip in Uganda.

How long are you staying on vacation?

The number of days you’re going to spend on your trip is another thing you should think of before hiring vehicle to use. If you’re planning to spend like 10 days on a trip, you will need to hire a car with large space for your luggage, or more few friends who might want to share travel experience with you. Choosing a vehicle with a towering feature can improve your trip experience.

But still you get all these done, just by contacting Rental Cars Uganda Ltd and they help you cater for all your travel needs from drafting the itinerary to proving for you a comfortable and affordable vehicle suitable for your road trip.

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