A Local Phone Number on Car Rental in Uganda

Is having a local Phone Number on Car Rental in Uganda Essential?

Yes, it is essential to carry or have a local phone number. These are provided by authentic car rental agencies that offer affordable, reliable and effective Car Rental Services in Uganda.

The Local Phone numbers make it easier for self-drive travelers to contact the car rental agency experts in cases of any emergencies like car breakdowns, or getting lost along the way.

The local phone numbers also make communication more efficient since you are in a new country hence talking to an expert from the 4×4 rntal agency is more flexible.

When on Self Drive Uganda tour, make it a MUST to request for a local phone number so as to effectively and efficiently communicate.

Effective Ways to get a local phone number in Uganda

  • First, reach out and request for a local phone number from an authentic Car rental Agency to get you a sim card before the date of taking your rental car.
  • Alternatively, you can get the Sim Card by yourself in Uganda. On arriving in Uganda, go to a close by traditional Mobile Outlet then apply for a new sim card. You MUST have a valid Passport.

Steps to follow when registering a new sim card for your Car Rental in Uganda

  • Pay a small amount of money i.e USD $2 (6000 Uganda Shillings) to acquire the sim card.
  • Fill in the required form with personal details.
  • Present the original copy and photocopy of your passport.
  • After a while, you shall be presented with your sim card.

Top Uses of having a Local Phone Number on Car Rental in Uganda

  • After being connected to the local sim card, now you have the freedom to call your family, and friends back home. The International call rates in Uganda are low requiring you to use half a dollar per minute hence effective communication with your loved ones about your adventure safari.
  • Having a local phone number offers you exceptional accessibility to the internet with 4G Network. You can pay bills, do business transactions as well as access Google maps (GPS), and communicate with anyone anywhere
  • A Local Phone Number helps you out in cases of emergencies and accident rescue. In case of any accidents, you can call for help from the company experts/ representatives and just in a few, they will show up to help derive a solution for you.
  • With your local Phone Number, you can call and get in touch with security authorities and representatives from the car rental agency in case of any insecurities and threats.