Tips for Self-driving in The Rainy Season

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Tips for Self-driving in The Rainy Season in Uganda

Driving in the rain in Uganda is quite an exciting and unique adventure although, this could cause other conditions due to heavy rains, roads getting so wet, and floods making driving on these roads very challenging and difficult.

This also increases accidents due to difficult weather conditions. So we advise you to be vigilant and look out when driving in rain due to the many things that could happen since there is fog which affects visibility, and slippery roads, especially in rural areas along dirt roads.

What to do while self-driving when it rains

  • If you are not in a hurry, wait until the rain stops.

While on self-drive in Uganda along the road trip, we advise you to with until the rain stops that is in case it is raining at the time. This is because when it rains, the road conditions are not safe due to slippery roads and fog.

  • Drive slowly along the different roads

On your self-drive in Uganda, we recommend that drive slowly as proceed on the roads slower than the speed limit. Reducing your driving speed during the rain is very important since the car’s reaction time is slower during this period.

  • Make sure to use the windshield wipers

When driving in rain in Uganda, we advise you to make use of windshield wipers. Before starting your self-drive Uganda Safari, check to see if the windshield wipers are perfectly adjusted to clear the moisture from the rain at the front of the windscreen.

  • Do not over brake

When driving in the rain, we advise you to slow down when your foot is getting off the accelerator earlier before braking.

  • Make Sure to check your car equipment (like rooftop tents) before the rain

When transferring on your self-drive in Uganda, we advise you to check and know the state of your 4×4 and camping equipment such as the Roof Top Tents before it rains. Other equipments include; windshield wipers, headlights, tail lights, and car tires.

  • Ensure the headlights are on as you drive in the rain

While driving in the rain, we advise you to make sure that the headlights are on so as to enable you to travel along the different roads to the destinations of your choice. These help you enhance visibility within the mist, drizzling and heavy rainstorms. The headlights help you see other drivers on the road and vice versa.

  • Make sure your vehicle is ideally ventilated

When driving along the roads in rain we advise you to make sure the car is well-ventilated as it gets foggy with high levels of humidity when it rains.

The ventilation reduces the fog on the interior of the car when it is heavily raining. However, pulling over at the roadside is advised so as to be safe and comfortable.

  • Keep a distance between cars

When driving while it is raining, we advise you to keep a distance between cars on the road especially the one in front of you so as to avoid/ reduce accidents.

When it is wet, braking the car becomes very difficult and challenging due to the slippery roads, and foggy conditions, hence keep a distance between your car and others.

  • Stay away from flooded places

When driving in rain on self-drive in Uganda, we advise you to avoid driving around flooded places. So avoid these waters then prefer driving on other lanes to avoid ditching into deep waters.