Best Activities to do in Entebbe

Entebbe is a little slice of heaven off the shore of Lake Victoria. To most Ugandan when you mention Entebbe what comes to their mind is the Entebbe International Airport and the many beaches on Lake Victoria. Before the country got Independence in 1962, the area was the protectorate administrative center for the colonial British government which effectively raised the town’s development.

Majority just go to Entebbe for only two things; on their way to the airport or a weekend escape at the beach, yet the small town on the shores of Africa’s largest lake by area has a variety of interesting activities you can enjoy in a day in case you put your mind to it.

Birding in Entebbe

Bird watching
For bird lovers, you should know that the country is home to over 1000 different species of bird. A visit to Entebbe, you can get an opportunity to watch most of them in their natural environment particularly at the large tropical Botanical Gardens that are just on the way to the UWEC.

Beach on Lake Victoria in Entebbe

Visiting Islands on the Lake Victoria
Entebbe being the entryway to the rest of the world, its shores are likewise the docking site for cruise ships that take visitors to the Ssese Islands. This is an archipelago of islands found on Lake Victoria that makes the most wonderful romantic and weekend getaways for anybody interested.

Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC)

Visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Center
For those planning a weekend vacation with a family, the UWEC is one of the perfect places for you. Children get the opportunity to pet the animals, for example, rhinos, giraffes, lions, leopards, elephants among others, and you get the chance to gain some new useful knowledge about Uganda’s wildlife. commonly known as a zoo, UWEC doesn’t only offer veterinary and rehabilitation services for wild animals but also acts as a leisure center for people as well.

Sailing on Lake Victoria
Well, each end of the week you will see little dhow-looking boats skimming out there on the lake usually in groups. There are always maritime sporting competitions that in case you can’t participate in, watch and cheer and they have these days, for example, family day for you to enjoy with the friends and family.

Lido Beach in Entebbe

Picnic at the Beach
Every Ugandan when you talk about going to the beach, what comes to their mind is to visit Entebbe, the place has beaches in plenty but most of them don’t allow food and some allow you to have an excursion with friends and still buy beverages and delicious Tilapia while there. Take a day out from work and unwind in Entebbe.