Road Trip the best way to explore Uganda comfortably & in style

We as a whole need that solace and convenience when on a self-drive tour in any part of the world, the feeling you get when you hire a vehicle that suits your style and budget will make your adventure beneficial.

Before choosing which type of vehicle to rent in Uganda, you should most importantly consider the number of people you’re going with plus the amount of cargo to carry. Most car rental agencies in Uganda offer different types of cars including station wagons, sedans, and minivans which can carry any number of travelers including couples, families, and small groups. Regardless of whether you prefer small economy vehicles like a Toyota Rav4 or need a medium-sized family vehicle like a minivan or Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, you must be watchful when booking in case you need the best deal.

Most of the popular and interesting national parks and local attractions in Uganda are found in remote areas like Kidepo Valley National Park in the far northeast about 570km from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. This makes it difficult for tourists to visit such destinations with taxicab or public means transport making car rental service the only option for any tourists who want to explore the natural beauty of the country.

Land Rover Defender

Its fine to hire a taxicab when you just going to explore attractions in the city center or major towns in the country, but in case you need to explore remote destinations like wildlife parks, you will need a strong safari vehicle with 4 wheel drive system to enjoy the trip comfortably. This is because most roads upcountry is in bad conditions and they can only be accessible with 4×4 vehicles most especially during the rainy season.

For first-time travelers to the country, we strongly recommend that you rent a car with a driver for a much more convenient and safe road trip. A self-drive option may be cheaper and more private but it will be quite a headache and difficult because driving in Uganda is not that easy because of the chaotic traffic in the country bad roads and even you could get lost or fail to reach the destinations in time hence missing some activities. You don’t need to stress over this because the rental car companies can provide for you a reliable and trustworthy driver that will drive you throughout the trip and you simply sit back, unwind and let your personal guide do the driving, car repairs if any in addition to cleaning the vehicle among other handy jobs that would burden your trip.

Self Drive Clients

Hiring a vehicle for a road trip or self driver trip offers you a lot of privacy and flexibility as you don’t need to get squeezed with other strangers in the same car plus you will have a chance to make any stopover anywhere for a photograph or getting food and even you can change your itinerary any time you feel like. So for your benefit, it’s good you hire a car and avoid going with the unpredictable public taxis.

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