Factors to Consider before booking a car for safari to Uganda

In case you planning to take a road trip to any country, the first thing you should think about is the type of the car you going to use. It’s always a good idea to make research or even ask the local tour operator about the conditions of the road you going to pass through before choose type of car to use on your safaris. It’s always a good practice to settle on your own decision so you can get the best from your safari without any hustles caused by the vehicle you hired. Choosing the type of the vehicle to use on the safari depends on the type of tourism activities you willing to do and the number of people you are travelling with.

In some cases clients book small cars when they are many just because they have little money the thing which reduces on the enjoyment of your safari. We strongly recommend that if your more than 4 – 6 people, its better you book a bigger vehicle like a min van which can accommodate all of you and every one get a window seat so the you can watch clearly then you’re in game drive in the park. Small cars like Rav4 and Coronas are appropriate to use if clients are 2 or 3 however not more than that as it would imply that you should squeeze yourselves.

The distance and destination you going to travel to are another important factor to think about when choose a vehicle to use on a safari. If you going to visit remote destinations for example to Kidepo Valley National Park in the northeastern corner of Uganda where the roads are not in good conditions and weather is unpredictable, its recommended that you opt for a strong 4×4 safari vehicle which can penetrate through rough and muddy roads without getting stuck. But in case you just going to be travelling around city and towns, a small vehicle like a Toyota Rav4 can be appropriate for you and even you can save some money instead of hiring a strong land cruiser when you’re just going to be driving around the city where you don’t need to apply any 4wheel drive system. Your safari can turn in a nightmare in case you choose a wrong vehicle to travel to a wrong destination, I don’t think you can like it to get stuck in a muddy road the thing which may need to employ another towing vehicle to bring you out of the mud and another thing you will waste a lot of time there and you may even miss some tour activities.

When hiring a vehicle from Rental Cars Uganda Ltd, they always ask you for the reason why you need the car so that they can advice you on the type on the car that can work for you better according to reason why you need the car. Some clients appear to be entangled and overlook our recommendations because they think roads in Uganda are like those from their home country and they end up making mistake which are lamentable. And towards the end of the safari they regret why they neglected our advices.

All in all, the main factors you should consider before booking a car to use on a safari to Uganda are; the number of people you travelling with and the destination you going to travel to.