Things drivers must avoid when driving in Uganda

Hiring a car in Uganda is a perfect idea and a best way to explore the wonderful attr action of Uganda. In the same way as other car rental companies their policies for car hire with their customers, there is need for safety that generally the most vital for the credible car rental companies. It’s a common propensity for some drivers insist on some of the awful habits done regularly and over and over because they haven’t been casualties of such weird acts of driving. Then again, some of the indecencies done are simultaneously done and yes even for the self driving customers.

It’s vital to notice that driving in Uganda is easy and interesting but other road users make it difficult due to the bad acts they do on the road for example driving here in the capital Kampala and other major cities you will be surprised when you at the back of another vehicle on the road and turn without indicating, when it comes to highways most drivers just start racing and they can even overtake in a blind corner. Taking a self drive tour in Uganda is such an interesting experience but it’s recommended that you be careful when driving in Uganda because drivers in Uganda are known to be reckless on the road.

Rental Cars Uganda might want to share with you some of the risky things, you ought to get rid of when you hire a vehicle for self drive in Uganda so that you can be safe on Uganda roads for an amazing drive through these wonderful country.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Most accidents that happen all over the world is said to be caused by drunk drivers. You may think having taken a little bit of alcohol will not hurt anyone. Notwithstanding, alcohol affects you ability to react and make quick decisions. Most tourists to visit Uganda and hire cars for self driver have that belief that they are on a vacation and boozing is a must, which is wrong. Boozing on a vacation is not bad at all but it’s advisable that you either hire a car with a driver or you only drinking in the evening after driving when you at your lodge or hotel. This will not only save your life but also the life of other road users and even driving under influence of alcohol in Uganda is a serious crime which is punishable by law.

Using phones while driving
This is among the most dangerous habit when driving. Sadly most people know that it’s bad but still they still do it texting or receiving a phone call while driving can be dangerous in many ways, for example when driving you need full attention on the road and when you change your mind from the road for even if 1minute to reply a text or pick a phone call can cause a deadly accident. Even driving with one hand on the steering wheel while the another hand is holding phone this can also lead to any accident because you easily loss control of the vehicle in case something abruptly happen for example if you an animal crossing the road, children playing in the road this all these are common in Uganda because people in Uganda more especially those who live in rural areas on highways are famers and cattle keepers. It’s advisable that in case you want to pick a call, you park somewhere talk on phone and then continue with your drive.

Wearing Seat Belt
As per Uganda National Roads Authority, safety belts save thousands lives every year. So it’s advisable that you put on a safety belt before you start the engine of the car, this may save your life in case of an accident.

Avoid Eating and Drinking while driving
Driving while at the same time eating is one of the most the dangerous habits driver should quite, yes we comprehend the element of time and hunger however that does not mean you should drink while driving. This can cause accident in many ways for example when you driving water you will need to tilts your head upward at this point your vision will be blocked and who knows what may happen at that time. The best idea is to stop the car, complete the dinner and drink, then continue with your journey and along these lines you are good to your trip.

Wearing high heel
Ladies have the tendency of wearing high heels when they are going to drive, this is not good they should kindly avoid it you can opt for flat shoes or else you sit in the passenger seat and let some drive you. It’s totally forbidden to put on this kind of shoes when you going to drive. Actions like accelerating and braking which are techniques. Drivers should wear sport shoes, sandals or any other flat shoes for easy movement of the feet when driving a vehicle and particularly for long journeys.

Stop Over Speeding
We really comprehend the need of reaching to your destination on time however over speeding is among leading cause if accidents on roads. The faster you go the more chances to cause accident. Plan your travel time well including eating and rests as formalities of self driving in Uganda. Driving at less than 80km/hr is safer and it will keep you in full control of the vehicle. It’s advisable that you keep a reasonable speed and fall the traffic laws so that you can be safe on the road and even save the life of other road users.

Smoking while driving
There is no law in Uganda which prevents you from smoking while driving but for your safety and other road users, it’s advisable avoid it because this can led you into accident in many ways for example when you to smoke while driving you will need to open the windows the outside wind can blow the burning ash of cigarette directly in your eyes the thing which can led you to loss visibility hence control of the car, even the wind can blow the ash into the chairs and for this ash fire may accelerate serious burning inside the car. Even the process of trying to light cigarette as you driving is also another thing that can cause accident on the road. The best idea is to save your cigarette until you reach your destination or you can park somewhere smoke and then continue with your drive.