Simple Tips for Planning your trip

The period of the pre-packaged safari or vacation is finished and more tourists are choosing to book everything of their safari like accommodation, activities and others individually. Because of this, we have decided to investigate what’s involved with organizing your own tour and as usual, incorporates a few hints you might not have thought of when it comes to saving money and hassle.

Planning your trip early enough will always pay off in the long run. This will give you enough time to think trice when planning and even do enough research on the destination you need to visit, the more research you make the more value you’ll get out of the time you have at your destination. The internet is the perfect place to start from when researching on a particular destination you want to visit. With travel guides from a most of the national newspapers and traveler reviews available from any link of TripAdvisor, you’ll have no shortage of choices and advices helping you get started.

Try to locate an upbeat medium where you can freely plan every day of your excursion. This will enable you to have a good idea of how much time you can spend in each place. Don’t make your itinerary to fixed, that is to say planning your time down to the minute since it won’t work and you’ll simply heap entire load more stress on yourself (which is altogether what we’re trying to avoid).

In case you will hire a car for self drive or with a driver while away, ensure you factor in potential traffic jam delays and time to rest along the way. Consider keeping away from the motorways in case you’re not in a rush. Most countries have good fuel stations with good food, however you’ll enjoy a relaxed delicious meal in a local eatery much more without traffic thundering by!

Check out for our past posts for more supportive information on how to book, collecting or dropping off your hired vehicle. Keep in mind that, you’ll save money by booking with a credible car rental agency, and most car rentals agencies can also help you in planning your trip at no extra charges and even advice you on the route and the favorable car you will need on your trip depending on the destinations you going to visit.

Spending a lot while on vacation is a main stress for almost everybody. It’s not a bad idea to set out your budget in advance. I’d additionally recommend researching and knowing the exchange rate for your foreign currency. Along these lines, you can start buying your Dollars or Euros that you will use to pay bills on your trip when the cost is good and not at last minute when the exchange might be suffering.

With regards to spending money, no one wants to pay exchange commissions. They’re similar to the hidden ‘tax’ in vacation! In case you’re organizing a trip, look at exchange commission your bank will charge for utilizing your debit or credit card in a foreign country. In case you do a lot of travelling, it may be better looking for an account that doesn’t charge fees for utilizing your cards abroad at all. The main tip we give here is making sure that you pay the local bill in the local currency.

For instance, in case you’re paying for lodging in Uganda, pay in Uganda shillings not in dollars despite of the fact that some hotels in Uganda charge in dollars. It’s fairly common for the hotels to increase the exchange commission falsely as a way of profiting out of your exchange. By paying in Uganda shillings, it’s your bank that will charge the exchange commission, and that is quite often not as much as what you’d pay the retailer.