What to do before visiting Uganda

We chose to visit Uganda totally all of a sudden. One day James called me at the office and asked whether I was interested in joining his workmates on an excursion to Uganda. “To where?” I inquired. I knew Uganda was an African nation in the eastern side of the continent, however that was about it. We had our air tickets by the following day. I was elate since I was going to spend same time with my boyfriend and his workmates and even my first time to set foot on the African continent, the continent I had always wanted…

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Worth knowing about Travelling to East & Southern Africa

Dress The dress code in the bush is safari casual. During the day are T-shirts, wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses and short pants usual. Footwear and game drives should only be worn in neutral and muted colors (no bright colors or white). For dinner, and campfire, we recommend casual, long trousers and a long-sleeved shirt (also protects against mosquito bites). Jeans can always be worn, a tie will leave you better at home. In the south winter (July / August) it can cool from 20 ° C during the day to 0 ° C at night. In the morning and in the…

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