What to do before visiting Uganda

We chose to visit Uganda totally all of a sudden. One day James called me at the office and asked whether I was interested in joining his workmates on an excursion to Uganda.

“To where?” I inquired. I knew Uganda was an African nation in the eastern side of the continent, however that was about it.

We had our air tickets by the following day.
I was elate since I was going to spend same time with my boyfriend and his workmates and even my first time to set foot on the African continent, the continent I had always wanted to visit.

Be that as it may, as our excursion drew nearer, I devolved into full-blown mode. Having never gone by Africa, I felt overwhelmed attempting to make sense of what I expected to do to plan.

Is it safe? How will the weather be there? What on earth should I have to carry when travelling there? What if I get sick?

These questions twirled through my mind like a vortex.
It didn’t help that our schedule included camping in rural Ugandan village, which implied, notwithstanding our apparel and toiletries, we by one means or another needed to fit our camping gear into our backpacks.

Additionally complicating issues was that, not at all like James, I didn’t grow up in an outdoorsy family. Our “camping” trips were spent in my Uncle’s RV at a full-service resort. The way that our “suggested packing guide” included bathroom tissue was vexing. How old was u by then??

I felt entirely ill-prepared.
Going to Uganda is a very perfect idea, however it additionally requires early arrangement. Keeping in mind the end goal to help you (hopefully) avoid a tearful meltdown like mine, we’ve arranged a list of what you have to do before visiting to Uganda:

Check Visa/Passport Requirements
This is a critical step to take when going to any foreign nation.
For American residents, the U.S. Department of State’s International Travel website is a best source for information about entry requirements.

We were able to buy a visa at the customs desk in the Entebbe International Airport for 100USD.

Note: While we were permitted to pay with USD, customs operators just accept new bills (from 2000 or more up to date).

Uganda additionally requires you to have a passport that is valid for a half year or more after you enters the nation, and has no less than one blank page.