Best Safari Vehicle to use on Uganda Self Drive Adventure

Quality isn’t only a word. Diverting from the imperatives of traditional car rental in Uganda, Rental Cars Uganda Ltd offers you the most reliable 4×4 safari vehicles for your adventurous self-drive safari. Check on our vehicles and prices; there are also great discounts for those booking in advance and even those booking for many days!

We don’t arrange camping gears and off road vehicles but we arrange them as our client may like them. When it comes to choose a 4×4 safari vehicle to our clients, we choose that will suit his/her budget and at the same time that will be perfect depending on the destination he/she is going to travel to. When it comes to pricing we do ask how much we can rent our good vehicles. But we but ask ourselves how affordable we can rent them.

Rental Cars Uganda Ltd is the fastest developing car rental company for the 5th year in the business of car rental in the country. Because of the best prices for our 4×4 cars that are fully insured and well equipped to the highest standards made us the most loved car rental agency in the country. Our strong 4×4 cars allow you to easily navigate in our lovely however regularly remote and rough Ugandan roads. You’ll see that our cars are the safest, most agreeable, and certainly most enjoyable to drive.

Choosing a car to hire when travelling to Uganda is not an easy task because of the conditions of the roads in the country but it’s certainly fun take a self drive trip in Uganda.

When booking the vehicle with Rental Cars Uganda Ltd, it’s advisable that you tell us the destinations you hopping to travel to, the number of people you travelling with and the number of kids and adult people on your tripe, so that we advise you on the type of the vehicle that can fit your desires.

In case you’re planning a family self drive safari and when you have a small family of less than 4 members, you don’t need to book for a large vehicle like a minibus, small car like Toyota Rav4 can be perfect for you that is when you’re not going to visit destinations like Kidepo Valley National Park in the far north eastern part of the country where the road there can only be passable by a vehicle with high ground clearance. When you’re hopping to explore the whole country, it’s advisable that you choose vehicles like 4×4 land cruiser, 4×4 Nissan Patrol, Land Rover Defender and other strong vehicles. These can accommodate the same number of people but at least they have high ground clearance which can enable them navigate the bad roads in the country.

Unless when you going to be just driving around cities, it’s advisable that you choose larger vehicles when you hopping to travel upcountry and 4×4 vehicles are strongly recommended and is a must because most roads in the country are in bad conditions and are impassable more especially during the rainy season.