Important things to check before hiring a self drive car in Uganda

Rental cars are the best options for the most travelers visiting Uganda mainly because of their comfort, privacy and flexibility. Keep in mind today you can visit any car rental company and in few minutes you come out with any car of your choice.

Car rental services in the country is developing rapidly due to the related advantages that most of Uganda tourists opt for use during their visits in Uganda.

Rental Cars Uganda Ltd has arranged a list of things you should look at and do before hiring a self drive vehicle in the country in order to have a memorable self-managed safari experience:

Choose the car rental company carefully and read the terms and conditions of the company, the company’s policy particularly when it comes to meeting with an accident on self drive in Uganda, some companies demand that the client pays for the full damages and some companies post insurance claim, so be careful when choosing a car rental company.

Thorough check of the vehicle condition; this may appear to be usual however very essential since one might be delayed by a few things which are not planned for.

It is important that you check the outside, insides and underneath parts of the vehicle before signing the contract for hiring the car. Ensure that everything in inside the car is working perfectly. Check the underneath of the vehicle likewise for any leakages or damage. Ensure that you report any scratch and bump you see on the car to the car company.

Likewise check the validity of its registration forms and permit: Valid Insurance, Registration declaration, all Uganda permit and the, motor third party.

Fueling the car, most car rental companies deliver the car with no fuel otherwise called dry lease or something else. However, this is a good practice as it guarantees that you return the vehicle as it was given to you. Depending on the fuel gauge of the vehicle for measuring fuel can be precarious and can prompt various avoidable burns. You may likewise request a full tank before taking delivery of the vehicle which can be arranged.

After checking all the above, now you’re ready to sign their papers and start the trip. In case you looking for a dependable car rental agency in Uganda, contact Rental Cars Uganda Ltd on or visit their website; or you can even directly call them on +256 701728141.