Enjoy a Road Trip with Rental Cars Uganda

Rental Cars Uganda is one of the leading car rental agencies operating in Uganda and Rwanda. The company allows the clients on self drive trips to cross any boarder with the vehicle just u have to tell them so that they sign papers to help you cross the border. Get a self drive car rental at a discounted price from Rental Cars Uganda Ltd and Explore the beauty of East Africa. Visit all interesting attractions in east Africa and different national parks with a full time 4×4 safari vehicle.

East Africa is a perfect destination to travel to for wildlife lovers, among the species you will see includes the Big Five (Leopards, Elephants, Lions, Rhino and Buffaloes). Your safari will involve visiting the most charming wildlife parks, you’ll spend nights in campsites or bush lodges set inside or near the national parks where you can watch and listen to range of sounds made by different animals throughout the night along. This will be a memorable experience where you will view huge cats hunt for predators as other wild animals feast upon leaves and grass from plants and trees.

You’re safari to East Africa will leave you with a memorable experience, especially after visiting the rare and endangered mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park and Mgahinga Gorilla Park both in Uganda and sometimes you can also cross to DR. Congo to maximize your experience. A part from the Big Five, among the other animals you will find on your self-drive trip to east Africa include giraffes, hyenas, zebras, antelopes among others. Your tour guide will help you explain the characteristics of all the animals you will come across.

This will be an extraordinary time for students performing different researches and assignments. You’ll see numerous tree classes and discover to make herb pharmaceuticals from tree leaves and roots. Sport fishing and watching different fish groups from Lake Kivu and different lakes in Uganda.

Essentials to bring on a self drive trip

Nonetheless, to make the self drive trip more memorable and safer, it is vital to take some of basics along.

Just in case you need to keep away from traffic jam or go exploring, it is vital to take maps of the regions you will pass regardless of the possibility that one is beginning the excursion with a planned route. One can print custom maps for their voyage at sites like Google Maps or Map Quest Route Planner. A helpful gadget to bring along too is a Global Positioning System generally known as GPS. Rental Cars Uganda Ltd provides travel maps to their clients.

Travel Apps

In the event that you have iPod, iPad, iPhone, an Android gadget or any Smartphone, then you should count yourself fortunate since it easy to get the travel applications for efficient GPS access but you should not fully depend on a phone app since in some region in the country there is no good internet access places like Kidepo Valley National Park and others. Accordingly, it will be easier to locate anything that you need including lodgings and good spots to have a food insofar as one uses the travel applications and can easily access GPS. In case sufficiently fortunate to travel in a convertible safari vehicle, then they can use the travel applications to keep them up date and where the sun is shining so they can make a right choices about whether to hold the top down or up.

Carry a Road-worthy Playlist

When organizing a long self drive trip more especially to another country where you will not be able to access your local radio channels, it is always better to carry with you a road worthy playlist that will keep you entertained from the start. To make the tour more exciting, carry a CD collection or an iPod playlist will simply do well. To make the best out of you self drive tour, one can consider including different tunes that cover every mood.