General Questions Asked by Clients

Why are you so cheap?

Rental Cars Uganda Ltd is a local car rental company, committed to offer car rental services to both Ugandans and international visitors at a very low price.

We make sure everyone can get a vehicle that suites his / her budget. We have all types of cars ranging from small economy vehicles like Rav4 to strong luxury vehicles like land cruiser for those travelling upcountry and Mercedes Benz for those going out with their loved ones. All vehicles can be offered for self drive and even a drive can be provided on request.

However small your budget is just feel free to contact Rental Cars Uganda Ltd, they will get you a vehicle for self drive instead of wasting your time hiring taxicabs.

Can I choose the fuel policy for my car?

Yes you can choose to on how to deal with fuel, in an agreement when can indicate the fuel policy you request. The options available include full/empty with refund on unused fuel, empty/empty and full/full.

In case you choose “Full/Full”, the vehicle will be brought to you when its full tank of fuel and you’ll be required to return it full. Along these lines, we won’t charge you anything for the fuel.

In case you choose “Full/Empty (Refund)”, you will receive the vehicle when it’s full tank of fuel and return it empty. On collection you’ll be required to pay for the full tank and a refueling charge. With this alternative you don’t need to stress over refilling the tank toward the finish of the contract. You’ll get a discount for the fuel left in the tank minus the refueling charge which is non-refundable.

If you choose empty/empty you will be given a vehicle when the tank its empty and you will have to first fuel the vehicle before you continue with the trip, but on returning the vehicle you will need to bring it empty.

How can I pay for my car?

In most cases, there are two main payment choices: Payment on Arrival and Prepaid Bookings.

Payment on Arrival: Here you will need to pay commitment fee which about 20% of the total amount using credit card (Visa or Master-card) and the rest of the money is paid on the day you receive the vehicle.

Booking in Advance: in this way, you will call or contact us online after everything is done you will need to pay full amount of the vehicle through visa card and all the terms and agreement will be sent to your email and you sign by the day of the arrival you will just get the vehicle and continue with your trip. But however your vehicle is already paid, the main driver will need to carry a master-card in their name on the collection of the vehicle in order to pick the vehicle.

Where can I check my booking details?

After you have your car rental booking and you have paid the commitment fee, the company will send you a receipt of the money you have paid plus the balance incase it’s there.

How can I modify or cancel my booking?

You can alter or cancel your booking by contact us on and you have to do it like 2 days before the date of collection of the car.

It’s normally free to cancel or modify your booking, however please read the terms and conditions and even when you receive the agreement for booking, don’t just sign make sure you read it and tell us in case there is somewhere you don’t agree with it.

Keep in mind that no refunds will be given if the booking is not cancelled about 2 days before the start of the trip and we can’t use this money for different bookings.