What is making Self Drive option Popular in Uganda

Uganda is such a small country found in East Africa, also known as one of the best safari destinations in the Africa. The country is blessed with a lot of wildlife and amazing nature wonders. There are many things to see and do in the country. The traditional way of guided tour in the country is currently phasing out and being replaced by self drive safaris where by the tourist don’t just sit back and being driven by the tour guide, but the tourist himself hire a vehicle and a GPS and drive himself on a safari.

Self drive safaris sometimes is also known as road trips, whereby when you get an idea of travelling to a certain country with the aim of exploring that country’s tourist attractions, you do everything yourself like arranging the itinerary, where to stay, when to travel, and at what time to be where. After everything is well planned, then you contact any car rental company to only get a car for self drive or even you can just ask them for advice on your travel itinerary and even where to stay in different tourist destinations. Then when the time you set for travelling reach, you pack your staff and fly in the country where you will find a person already waiting for you at the airport to sign a car rental agreement and then he handover the vehicle to you and then the trip starts.

A self drive trip is another way to save money on the great adventure, whereby you will save money you would have given to a driver or a tour guide. For example, if you’re on same thing like 12 day Uganda safari, you will be saving like 40$ per day which is quite a lot of money which you can use on other things on the trip like accommodation, tourist activities in the park and other things you may need to pay. What you will only need is a Uganda travel map or a GPS tracker which you can hire from the car rental company at around 5$ per day and some car rental companies give our GPS trackers for free to clients who are booking the car for many days like 7 days and above. Another thing you will need when setting for a self drive trip is an international driving permit and you should be above 18 years of age.

The another thing which made self drive safaris in Uganda more popular, is the friendliness of the Ugandan, whereby they such easy and helpful people and so if you reach an extent when it looks like your lost or not sure of the direction, just feel free to ask any local for directions. In Uganda, English is the official language and majority of the locals in the country know English and ready to help anyone.

In all national parks and other tourist spots in the country, there is guide for hire. This has also made the self drive safaris more fun whereby when you going to take a game drive in the park you just hire a guide at approximately $20 and he / she take you through the park has he explain to you the behaviors of every animal you will find on the way. These park guides are well experienced and knowledgeable because most of them been in this business for more than 5 years and always serving with a smile.

So when planning to visit any destination in Uganda, consider trying how interesting and good a self drive safari is. You can just contact us on Email info@rentalcarsuganda.com or call us on +256773728141.