What if you get accident in a rental Vehicle?

Accidents on the road is unpredictable, and even the most careful driver on earth can cause to get involved in an accident. Having an accident in the rental car is the last thing everyone needs, so here’s what to do if you’re unlucky.

There are four key things to do immediately after an accident in a rental vehicle.

Get everybody to safety

In case of an accident being serious or minor, it’s vital to first get yourself and anyone else out of danger’s way as fast as you could be expected under the circumstances. Simply remember not to move anybody in case they’re in a lot of pain, or in case they have they’ve broken their leg, or if you think they have injured or broken their back.

Contact the emergency services

Before you even you start your trip, its important making a note of the emergency numbers for each nation you’re going visit. A most countries have a different emergency number. You may find this list on Wikipedia even you can ask the rental agency the emergency number country. The number is allowed to utilize.

Exchange details and record what’s happened

After making sure that everybody is safe and the emergency services on their way, the other thing you can do is to exchange you name and contacts with everyone affected by the accident. This applies whether you’ve collided with another vehicle or another person’s property, and regardless of whether they were on the scene at the time of accident.

In the event that you hit a parked vehicle, leave your contacts in a note under their windscreen wiper. On the off chance that there are other people or vehicles involved, ensure everybody at least exchanges car registration numbers, address names and phone numbers. It’s also better to take photographs of the scene and any damage when you can, and make a note of the following:
– Date and time of the accident
– Color, model and make of all cars involved in the accident.
– Description of the weather conditions, the street name and the people who was there at the time of the accident.
– Any damage done to property, people and vehicles
– Any injuries sustained by drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Call the rental agency

Call the car rental agency, their number is always put on car rental agreement you sign when picking the vehicle. Explain to them the situation they should then deal with recovery, repairs and replacement of the vehicle in case it’s necessary, and they will handle the insurance agencies or any other individual involved in the accident.
Always rental agency won’t refund any coin you’ve paid unless you talked to them and they accepted you to do so. So in case you do pay somebody directly, you’re not liable to recover your cash from the car rental company.