Planning a Self Drive Trip – The Money Part

Find a way to make your trip at least partially tax deductible

I’ve spent a lot of this tour getting together with internet friends and customers, gathering bits of knowledge and information for future projects, and documenting everything on social media – all of which implies that I can check certain parts of my tour as a tax deduction. Fantastic, isn’t that so?

You can do likewise by working a conference into your trip, Instagramming or blogging about your adventures, or making items motivated by it. Use an application to track your receipts; I cherish Smart Receipts.

Here’s more information about how to influence your travel tax-deductible. In case you’re not 100% sure, plan a call with your accountant.

Use Groupon App

In case you have a smartphone, you can download Groupon app, it will detect your new area and alarm you to deals in your new city! We saved 35% having all of our skin cleaned off at the popular spa in Nairobi!

Eat out for breakfast or lunch

One can’t exist exclusively on motel breakfasts and microwave-in-the-bag meals, however eating out can be costly! Breakfast and lunch out are always less expensive, once in a while require reservations, and you can test local food.

Travel with a friend

There are numerous reasons to make a trip with a friend: it’s a bonding experience and you’ll have somebody to share memories with. They will likewise make gas, accommodation, food half as expensive. Here’s the way how to travel with friends without murdering each other.

Use a credit card with travel rewards

Credit cards are incredible for emergencies and they’re awesome for reward-earning. I put everything on my Capital One Venture card and on this tour alone, I got 15,000+ miles. Obviously, pay off your card at the end of every month.

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