Planning a Self Drive Tour – The actual driving part

While I’m no more stranger to self-drive tours, these tours took things to a whole new level and I learned many new things about how to drive everywhere throughout the nation without losing my mind. You get to know a lot about self-drive tours when you drive 8,000 miles!

In Case you have a janky and old car like me, think of hiring

I know this appears to be absurdly, madly decadent but listen to me. Rental vehicles are reliable, new, and well serviced and feature things like an air conditioner, OnStar, warmed seats, and a GPS. My personal vehicle features things like roll-down windows, somewhat sketchy brakes, and 28 mpg.

Toyota Land Cruiser TZ for self-drive hire

In case you planning to travel alone and through the mountainous, everybody who loves you will welcome this choice. You will enjoy this when you’re cruising on the Highway of a foreign country by yourself as it’s getting too dark and you’re just in control of the wheels.

Still, in case you choose to rent a vehicle, it’s better you rent for something like a month, this is really cheaper than renting for just days and most car rental companies will offer you unlimited mileage for long term car rental from 5+ days. Additionally, in case you are on business travel, a rental vehicle is tax-deductible.

Limit your driving time to less than 8 hours a day

This is an individual inclination, but I hate driving for over 8 hours a day; I re3ally perfect at least 6 hours. Six hours brings a relaxed start to your day, make a couple of fun stops on your way, and reach your goal before sunset and in time for supper. Over 8 hours and I’m confined, grouchy, and extremely exhausted, making it impossible to really enjoy your dinner.

Get some awesome music

For the road trip to be interesting, you should get something that can occupy your mind when you bored like music, when planning a road trip save some hours and select your favorite music on a flash disk or on your mp3 player.

In case you want to take to a new level like I always do, try to download some local music of the destinations you going to visit this will put you in the mood and explore the destination like a local and in style.

Don’t forget a backup for your phone’s GPS

GPS Navigation System

There are enormous swathes of the nation that a dataless. It’s scary to drive through a foreign country and in the remote mountain areas along with a phone that is pooping out. My Garmin utilizes satellites so it’s of great help even in areas where there is no phone reception and it never hurt to carry an actual paper map.

In the event that you don’t have a Garmin, download the astounding Navmii application; GPS with downloadable maps that don’t require data.

Stock your glove compartment with the correct stuff

Sunscreen for your left side (yes, extremely), snacks, wet naps, gum, face spritz so you’ll feel refreshed and clean, money, and change for tolls.

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