Tips for safe driving in fog

The best advice for driving foggy areas is to delay your trip until conditions improve. However, this is sometimes not possible. Fog can reduce visibility to less than 50 meters. At 60 mph, it is only for half a second in front of you. It is necessary to do everything possible to improve your vision, and to warn other drivers of your intentions as soon as possible. Visibility It’s hard to notice the fog getting thicker, so visibility can be reduced without you knowing it. To improve your vision, use your wipers and defroster to minimize condensation on the windows….

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The ABC for self-drivers in Around East Africa

General information and notes For those who would like to explore Eastern Africa (Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and Burundi) on their own and individually, this catalog will find the right ingredients. When you choose to rent a self-drive car from us, we attach great importance to the best condition of the car fleets, to excellent service on the spot as well as cheap fares. Depending on your itinerary/travel program and lodges to stay, we will assist you to choose a suitable car from our fleet. We assist with hotel/lodge bookings, gorilla permit reservations, and 24-hour road assistance. While the East…

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Top 10 Must Know for a Successful self drive Holiday

1. Book in advance This is very important especially if you are traveling in high seasons such as Christmas or Easter periods and between July to October. You will get a very good car at a good price. In other words, you have high bargaining power if you book some time before your self-drive holiday. Advance booking also allows you to choose perfect accommodation options based on your interests and budget. You have many options to choose from as most of the lodges/hotels/campsites will be empty at that time. 2. Choose the right car Choosing a vehicle for your self-drive…

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