The ABC for self-drivers in Around East Africa

General information and notes

For those who would like to explore Eastern Africa (Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and Burundi) on their own and individually, this catalog will find the right ingredients. When you choose to rent a self-drive car from us, we attach great importance to the best condition of the car fleets, to excellent service on the spot as well as cheap fares. Depending on your itinerary/travel program and lodges to stay, we will assist you to choose a suitable car from our fleet. We assist with hotel/lodge bookings, gorilla permit reservations, and 24-hour road assistance.

4x4 Land Cruiser Prado - Road to Kidepo National Park

4×4 Land Cruiser Prado – Road to Kidepo National Park

While the East African region can be easily explored with a self-drive rental vehicle, trips to other countries (such as Burundi, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo) are generally not recommended because those countries are currently unstable.

The following tips will help you plan your self-drive holiday in Africa.


Gasoline/diesel are available in most big towns and in a few national parks ONLY against cash. The gas station network is not very dense upcountry, and there can always be bottlenecks in the supply. To avoid getting problems of lack of fuel in the middle of the journey, we advise you to fill your gas tank before leaving major towns because you don’t know the distance to the next gas station. Alternatively, we provide you will a gasoline container where you can put extra fuel for your trip.

Total Service Station

Total Service Station

Shell Gas Station

Shell Gas Station


Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania have an extensive network of differently equipped campsites. Of course, they are also found in numerous national parks. A stand costs between US$10-US$50 and US$10 – US$40 per vehicle/night, depending on the standard and whether electricity is needed (Powered Site). Except in the high season (Christmas, Easter, and July – Oct), there is usually no advance booking of the parking space, so that you can travel uninhabited and flexible.


Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania are big countries, even if there is not as much traffic on the roads as in Europe and the USA. Please plan your time accordingly and let us advise you. Our rental cars include unlimited mileage.

One-way rents

One-way rentals are possible with 4×4 Uganda Limited at a fee. For instance, you can rent a car in Kampala and drop it in Nairobi, Kigali, or Arusha.

Driving Time and Border Crossing

We do not recommend driving at night because most highways in East Africa have no street lights and it can be difficult for us to bring you a rescue in case the vehicle breaks down when you are on the highway. Vehicles hired from us start moving at 6:00am and stop at 7:00pm. After 7pm, we do not expect our cars on the highway unless it is an airport transfer. However, it’s allowed to drive within the city for shopping and dinner.

In the case of border crossings, written permission must be requested from the company; Border crossings are usually only open during the day. You must pay road taxes and Insurance (COMESA recommended because it works in all East African countries). These amounts are normally payable in a national currency such as Uganda Shillings, Kenya Shillings, Rwanda Francs, or Tanzania Shillings depending on the border you are crossing from.

Vehicle types

Rental cars and campers vary according to the brand, model, engine, and technical details as well as interior furnishings and sleeping space. The owner reserves the right to change the booked type of car if the booked vehicle should not be available due to local conditions. In this case, the lessee shall be given a car of at least the same or higher category. The places to visit and the number of people in the group will determine the type of car recommended. The cars used mostly in East Africa include Toyota Rav4, land cruiser Hardtop, Land Rover Defender and Discovery, Toyota Prado, Hilux double Cabin, Super custom, and others.

Fallen Tree in the Middle of the Road - Bwindi Forest

Fallen Tree in the Middle of the Road – Bwindi Forest

Vehicle Pick up and Drop-off Points

We can deliver the car direct to the airport or to the hotel within the vicinity of the rental station. You can also pick and drop-off at our offices. Our staff will explain to you everything about the rented car and make you familiar with it. Check all functions and equipment before starting your journey, claim any damage immediately on site and have them logged. Should you notice any shortcomings, please contact the nearest rental station. Rental cars should be fully refilled and returned with emptied toilets (only mobile homes); Otherwise, we charge a fee.
We offer you an optional transfer from Kampala / Entebbe Airport to your first accommodation or around 100 km of your journey.

Driver and driving license

A valid international driving license in addition to a valid national driving license is compulsory for all drivers! The international driving license is only available in connection with the EU card driving license. Usually, a translation of the national driving license is accepted by a state-recognized translator.


A security deposit is required when the vehicle is taken over. This must be done with a valid credit card, which corresponds to the height of the max. The security deposit must be covered. In the case of damage, the deposit represents the deductible to be paid or part of the deductible to be paid and is initially deducted, irrespective of the debt issue. Please note that the deposit will reduce your credit card limit.

Breakdowns and repairs

Despite careful care and maintenance of our cars, breakdowns may occur or repairs may be necessary. Contact the rental company immediately. You will then receive instructions for the further procedure. In the case of major breakdowns, the rental company only replaces the actual loss of use, but not meals or hotel overnight stays.

Travel baggage

If you return a camper at the same rental station you have taken it, you can usually deposit luggage at the rental station. Soft luggage pieces, such as travel bags, can be stowed better in the vehicle than a shell case and are particularly recommendable for rental vehicles with a tailgate since the trunk space is very limited.


There is in principle no refund for unused tenancy days.


The local taxes, as far as they are known at the time of going to press, are already included in the rental prices, unless otherwise stated in the respective service descriptions. Local street taxes of the neighboring countries are not included in the rent and must be paid at the border crossing.


In some cases, a transfer will be treated as a cancellation and subsequent booking. The booking office will inform you of any charges.

Traffic and Speed Limit

East African capitals have huge traffic in the morning and evening hours. Therefore, in the first few days, take extra care to get used to it. Seat belts are mandatory, alcohol and telephone calls are prohibited at the wheel.

Kampala Road Traffic - Uganda

Kampala Road Traffic – Uganda

In Uganda, the speed limit is 80 – 100 km / h on highways; 30-50km in highway-towns / trading centers, On murram roads are advised between 40 and 65 km / h. Road signs are everywhere on roads, they will be guiding. In Uganda National Parks, the speed limit is 40km/hour.


Cars are fully insured (Comprehensive insurance). This is for cars only. The guest must have his / her own insurance. However, the insurance does not cover damage caused by saltwater influence, other water damage, damage caused by driving on unauthorized roads and slopes, damage to tires, and negligently caused damage.

When traveling to neighboring countries, the respective insurance conditions of these countries apply in the case of damage.


For your safety, we advise you not to drive at night (risk of game change) and to switch on the auto lights when there is a lot of dust and when it is raining.
Do not underestimate the state of non-road roads, do not exceed your four-wheel drive experience.
In the case of rental cars, please make sure that the spare wheel is inflated and the appropriate tool and the car lift are available.
On the journey, especially in remote areas, there should always be sufficient drinking water.