Top 10 Must Know for a Successful self drive Holiday

1. Book in advance

This is very important especially of you are traveling in high seasons such as Christmas or Easter periods and between July to October. You will get a very good car at a good price. In other words, you have high bargaining power if you book some time before your self-drive holiday. Advance booking also allows you choose perfect accommodation options based on your interests and budget. You have many options to choose from as most of the lodges / hotels / campsites will be empty at that time.

2. Choose a right car

Choosing the right car depends the number of days you are going, the number of people you are traveling with, places to visit and the period you are traveling. If you are traveling within cities, you may not need a 4WD. If you are traveling up country, like visiting some national parks in Uganda such as Kidepo Valley and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, a 4×4 strong car is highly recommended, more especially if you are traveling in rainy season. If you are only 2 people (Couple) traveling for few days, a Toyota Rav4 is ok. However, if you are 3-4 persons, and traveling for quiet many days, a Toyota Prado is suitable for you and your luggage.

Toyota Prado with Pop-up and Rav4

Toyota Prado with Pop-up and Rav4

3. Don’t drive at night

Because you are driving in a foreign country, don’t risk your life, don’t dare driving at night if it not airport transfer. Most highways in Uganda do not have street lights, and it is very easy to miss a lodge sign post. In case you get any problem at in the middle of no where at night, getting assistance is very difficult. Finally, some areas are known for high-way robbers. You never know, anything can happen.

Driving through Remote areas of Uganda

Driving through Remote areas of Uganda

4. Choose appropriate accommodations and keep their contacts

Seek for advise about different accommodation options available in each destination from the car rental agency. Get information about the accommodation units you feel interested in on Trip Advisor or local agency. Choose safe places to stay while on self drive tour in Uganda and beyond beyond. You may find a cheap hotel located in insecure places downtown where you may end up losing your life or your property. Keep contacts of the lodge / hotel / camp site, they can be of great help while on the tour. If you are arriving late, call them and let them know about your late arrival for proper arrangement.

Gorilla Mist Camp Ruhija

Gorilla Mist Camp Ruhija

5. Check the car every morning

Before setting off every morning, check the rental car and ensure that everything is in order. The check list includes Head lights, indicators, break lights, tire pressure for all wheels including spare wheel, water level, Oil level and check for any leakage beneath the car.

Engene oil check

Engene oil check

The first time you receive the car from the rental agency, check for wheel spanner, Jack, First Aid kid, Validity of Insurance, status of the tires, fire-extinguisher and Triangle.

6. Road Signs

We have road signs on all roads in Uganda. Do not miss any. For instance, if traffic officer stops you for over speeding, you will be charged UGX200.000 (US$60), paid to the bank. In Rwanda, the traffic officer keeps your driver’s license or car card until to make payment and pick your driving license / car card from the police station. In such situation, you can loose over 2 hours, thus disorganizing your self drive holiday.

7. Defensive driving

Very important to enjoy a self drive safari in Uganda and beyond. Speed limit on highways is 80-100km per hour, 30-50km in towns / trading centers, 40-50kms per hour in National Parks, 40-60km per hour on murram roads. Switch on lights when driving on dusty roads and when its raining. Off track driving is not allowed in Uganda national parks, you will be charged US$150.

8. Seek advise for manageable Itinerary

Car rental agencies give free advise regarding your itinerary. Avoid driving for long hours, plan your self drive tour well with breaks at some points. Give your self enough time to explore each destination. Some places are not safe for self driving, therefore, your car-rental agency will advise you accordingly.dv

9. Use of GPS, Cell with Local SIM and Road map

Most car rental agencies in Uganda offer you GPS navigation and Road Map. These are a must while on a self drive holiday in Uganda. Note that, some destinations may not be indicated on the GPS but the travel road map can be of help. A cell with local SIM is of great help to seek for road assistance from the agency.

10. Comprehensive Insurance cover

Because you are driving in a foreign country, comprehensive insurance is strongly recommended for rented car.