Must Visit Places On Self Drive Safari In Uganda

With over 111 districts that are confined within Uganda and Kampala being its major city center and busiest commercial center, the government has time and again kept on subdividing the districts since 2005 as criteria of maintaining resources from being distributed primarily to the main towns sidelining the other sides of the district. Nearly every town has something to provide to visitors whether it is a famous national park, waterbody, mountains, or cultural sites, you will be covered. And in case you are organizing a self-drive tour in Uganda and still, you are not in a position to make the best choice of which district to go to, we have listed some of the top towns that will offer you the most exceptional travel experience in Uganda whether you are interested in wildlife, culture, sports or entertainment.

Kampala capital city

This is Uganda’s capital city and the busiest commercial center which features a number of local cultural sites, commercial business, and some of the most exceptional night clubs and hangouts spots in East Africa. Most of the routes are in better conditions and communication systems are stable meaning you won’t find any challenge driving around the city center. The security and peace are also assured plus the many gas stations that make visitors conveniently and safely drive to any part of the city and the country at large. The major attractions in offer within Kampala city center include Buganda Kingdom sites, cathedrals, local markets, mosques, nightclubs, casinos, museum, Ndere center, and many more. However, never drive late at night and always observe the traffic signs at all times.


Located about 81 kilometers away from Kampala city center in the Busoga sub-area lies stunning Jinja town. This is one of Uganda’s busiest towns and it is best known as the adventure capital of East Africa. It is famous for its leisure, relaxation and water sports. It is strategically located around the mighty River Nile which features as one of the longest rivers in the world. In case you are looking for adrenaline adventures and water sports, then consider visiting Jinja as a must for you this coming vacation. There a number of activities for you to enjoy while on self-drive safaris and they mainly include white water rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking, market tours, quad biking, community visits, jet boating, and many more. The roads are clean and safe for you to navigate through.


Located in the western part of Uganda around 280 kilometers away from Kampala city center comes Mbarara, Ankole Kingdoms stronghold. Mbarara district is referred to as the best base for any visitors interested in visiting the national parks in the west especially Lake Mburo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, and many more. In case you are interested in Ankole cultural encounters and history then visit this stunning town and pay a visit to the Nshenyi village and Igongo cultural center (Museum). The streets are also in better condition and the traffic is reduced meaning you will be assured of a comfortable drive throughout. There are a number of lodging and accommodation ranging from budget, mid-range to luxury.

Kisoro district

Situated in the southwestern side of Uganda near Rwanda about 43 kilometers away from Kabale town, Kisoro district is one of the most interesting tourist spots for visitors to track the rare mountain gorillas and also go for hiking adventures. In case you are planning for a self-drive to Kisoro from Kampala city center then be prepared to spend at least eight to nine hours while driving along the Masaka, Mbarara, and Kabale town. The mornings and the nights are usually cold as the town is covered by several hills and this means that you need a warm coat and scarf. Pay a visit to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park which refuges over 400 individuals of mountain gorillas and or Mgahinga National Park a home to 80 mountain gorillas and after taking a walk to local communities of the Bakonjo and the Batwa or simply take a hike on one of the stunning hills. There are very affordable guesthouses for you to spend a night, motels, hotels, safari lodges, and camping sites.


This is another spectacular district in Uganda that has risen and comes with a variety of hotels, universities, and local tourist attractions. It is the best spot for visitors who are interested in visiting Kidepo Valley National Park or Murchison Falls National Park. You can also visit the local Acholi communities and experience the Luo culture through music and dance performances. The routes are also in a better state and there are many accommodation facilities for you to choose from for your stay.
In conclusion, in case you are organizing a self-drive safari in Uganda and you are still not sure of which town area to visit, take the above-listed districts and you won’t regret in your life.