6 Tips To Avoid Sleep While On A Road Trip In Uganda

Are you planning for a self-drive safari to Uganda? Do you always feel sleepy while driving and you do not know how to avoid it? Driving is undeniably the most tiring and strenuous thing in life and things can even be worse especially for first-time drivers. Besides bumpy roads in the rural areas, sleep will also be taking control of you but by the time you get done reading this post, we believe that you won’t be the same. Self-drive tours are more adventurous than guided safaris. With self-drive safaris, you become the manager of yourself on the road as everything is left in your hands given the fact that you know what you want to achieve after the trip.

Once you choose to embark on a self-drive tour in Uganda, be honest with your driving skills and trust yourself and ensure that you are perfect when it comes to driving in most rural routes that may pose a challenge and this is unavoidable for self-drive travelers to most of the protected areas that are located in the remotest areas. However, renting and driving a car in Uganda is completely the most perfect way for one to explore what Uganda holds to the world in terms of its tourist attractions. Before embarking on your trip, be sure that you are familiar with driving in Uganda and bear in mind that at one point you will voluntarily take sleep and worse of it when you are behind wheels.

Sleep is part of our health but not when you are behind wheels to the remotest areas of Uganda. To be on the safer side, simply park aside but in a safer place and take some minutes to grab some sleep prior to proceeding with your journey. However, most of the Ugandan roads tend to be bumpy especially in the rural areas and this may also help keep you awake as you drive. Don’t be surprised when you bump into waterlogged potholes and don’t expect to remain sleepy on wheels, unlike the smooth roads that can really take you off, and at the end, you find yourself dosing behind wheels. This is worse even for travelers on long-distance safaris to Murchison Falls National Park, Bwindi National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, and others. However, the routes that lead up to these protected areas come with stunning scenery and other incredible tourist attractions for you to enjoy.
Below are some of the tips for your stay out of sleep while on a self-drive tour in Uganda;

1. Don’t drive when you are very tired

Usually, the first rule for one to stay safe while on a self-drive adventure isn’t embarking on a road trip and yet you are feeling tired. Given that you will be a solo traveler and your schedule isn’t fixed, have enough time to rest, relax, and do not be stressed. In case of whole-day busy schedules, use the following day for you to rest and relax and then set off the next day when you are fresh. Self-drive adventures require you to have a strong mind especially for longer distant safaris in Uganda.

2. Don’t drive in a rushy way

Normally, the majority of self-drivers set off at night without even making a stopover or even during weekends. However, the amount of stress and labor has its restrictions which your body can accommodate if you don’t rest. Never cut the resting time because you are rushing to get to your dream destination, make sure that you plan for your safari well, and to come up with a better itinerary you can contact us and we can guide you appropriately. Planning is a crucial factor when it comes to safaris if you are to have the most enjoyable road trip in life.

3. Take advantage of caffeinated products

While driving, you can have caffeine alongside you to keep you awake especially if you intend to be a solo traveler in your next self-drive safari in Uganda. You can have one or two cups of coffee every time you will feel sleepy while driving and this will keep you alert throughout. And if you can not purchase beverages along the way, then the best option is for you to secure some caffeinated mints and gums in the car.

4. Drive intervals

While on a road trip in Uganda, our dream is to reach our preferred destination, and for self-drive travelers, you become the controllers of the vehicle and time. Have a break at each 2 to 3 hours or 100 kilometers drive to allow your body to relax and refresh your mind. You can simply park alongside the road but ensure that it is safe and you can have some snacks as you listen to cool music and then set off again after 30 minutes. You can even jog around a bit to allow blood to circulate through the body faster.

5. Have enough sleep

Long-distant safaris in Uganda need you to have enough sleep. At least 20 minutes of sleep isn’t bad for you to take prior to proceeding to your dream destination. In case sleep persists and your caffeine also loses its effectiveness, the best option is for you to park at the roadside that is safe and have a short sleep, and at end of it, you would have killed off the sleep from your eyes and then you continue.

6. Always travel and share the driving with your colleagues

Alternatively, if you are two or more in the car and all of you know how to drive, then you can exchange and the other person also takes over and you also rest. This will also help you save time that you would have spent if you made a break and parked to sleep. For visitors who are planning for long distant safaris, this is the best way for you to deal with sleep. Make sure that you rent a car and drive with some other person such that you can do it in turns. This will also help you to share your self-drive memories.